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10 decor trends we’ll see everywhere this spring

10 decor trends we’ll see everywhere this spring: Winter is about to give way to spring (well, we hope!) And spring trends are slowly entering online shopping and social networks (despite being in their forties)! Even though there are still a few weeks left before her arrival, there are several ways to invite the balmy season into your home right now.

Spring trends are always eagerly awaited since they allow us to put an end to the grayness by bringing color and light into our decorations. In order to welcome the flowering season (and to cheer up a little!), Here are 10 decoration trends that we will see everywhere this spring.

The mix of bohemian and vintage styles

It’s no secret that the boho trend has been gaining points for several months (even years!) Natural materials, warm colors, and an abundance of plants, bohemian-style interiors are known to be very cozy and inviting! This year, we will see the boho trend mix with vintage style, creating an amalgam rich in color, stylish, and practically timeless!

What do we like most about this trend? The vintage finds that make each decor unique!

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Acrylic accents

The mix of materials will be in the spotlight this spring! No more “kits” of furniture all in the same color and made of the same material. This spring, we dare to mix colors, finishes, and textures more than ever. Acrylic will also make a marked comeback in our decors.

We like this material for its retro look which gives a lot of style to spaces as well as for its transparent aspect which does not weigh down the decor! We fell in love with these pretty acrylic chairs.

Patterned backsplashes

In the kitchen, we let ourselves be carried away by backsplashes a little more funky than usual. Make way for tiles with motfis and colors that are a little out of the ordinary, just to give a good dose of punch to his kitchen.

Want to apply this trend but are afraid that you will regret your choice over the years? Stick to neutral colors (like black and white) and apply designs only to the part of your backsplash that is on the back of your oven! A sublime and original focal point!

Floral wallpaper

Gone are the days when the wallpaper was reserved for toddler rooms! In recent years, wallpaper has made a marked comeback in decoration (like the tropical leaf print wallpaper trend) and this trend is not about to fade away.

This spring, we fall for this floral wallpaper with a modern touch (observe the symmetry of the patterns in this last) which literally gives us the impression that spring is entering the room. Perfect for a small space like the powder room or the hallway.

The four-poster beds

Canopy beds will be on top of trends this season and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Grand and so chic, they simply give a “wow” feel to anyone who walks into the bedroom.

We particularly like the black iron models with very straight lines that give a touch of modernism to space. Paired with a white duvet and a few soft cushions, you’ll have a bedroom worthy of a grand hotel.

Mixtures of metals

This season, the mix of metallic finishes is the order of the day! Dare to combine gold, silver, and bronzes in your furniture and accessories. Cool tones (like silver, nickel, and steel) give a more modern look while warm tones (like gold, rose gold, bronze, and brass) give a more glamorous and inviting touch to space.

By mixing several shades, you will get unique, rich, and original looks. Trust yourself!

Shades of pink

This spring, we will see a lot of mixtures of colors in decoration. The warm colors will be mainly popular (surotut in terms of furniture and floor finishes) but we will also see a lot of pinks.

From fuchsia to pale pink and coral, these colors make the space bright and inviting. Incorporate some pink accessories into your decor to instantly bring spring into your home.


It goes without saying that we will see a lot of accents of this color in decoration and honestly, it’s perfect like that! Vitamined, sparkling, and vibrant, coral illuminates the space and automatically puts us in a good mood!

Apply it to walls, doors or use it as an accent color for your accessories. The possibilities are limitless!

Nature which is part of the decor

It’s no surprise to anyone, green plants are a key element in decoration! This season we are pushing the trend even further by using the vegetation on the other side of our windows as an interior designer of the decor!

If you don’t have a lot of vegetation outside your home, use your curtain poles to hang planters! You could even use vines to get as much greenery as possible! With such ideas, you will certainly feel like spring has entered your home!

Natural wood floors

In terms of floors, natural wood finishes will be popular this season! We keep the natural color of the wood and apply a matt or slightly satin varnish. You will notice that the global trend in decoration relates a lot to nature and rough finishes, always with the aim of creating a “connection” with nature.

It seems that the more we are in contact with said nature, the better we feel. It is therefore not surprising that we want to use raw materials and green plants as much as possible! In the end, your decor

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