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10 Facebook Advertising Tips for Huge Conversions at Cheaper Cost

Facebook ads can be a source for the promotion of your brand or content in front of your audience.  These ads should be under your budget and be effective enough to show your desired result.

10 Facebook Targeting tips for Cheaper Ads-

Here are 10 tips you can use for cheaper ads on Facebook. Read in brief:

Facebook Advertising Tips
Facebook Advertising Tips

1. Find the most effective content

From a marketing point of view, it’s important to find which effort gives the most result. The content or post that received the highest traffic of viewers or audience should be your priority. Spend most of your money on promotion of it. By the previous result, you know the content has the potential to impress people, so no much effort has to be made in pleasing people for it. When you spot overachieving content, repurpose it as a Facebook ad. Make it into a video. Test this content in various formats to your key audiences to make it work even harder.

2. Understand your audience

The audience is those users in front of which you present your post or product. Keeping the number of followers is easy but maintaining it is a little tough. You need to understand your follower’s choice, their wants and needs. You have to understand what they accept from you and your product, all this is very important for your business to work smoothly. For example- If your product or content is related to fashion or makeup, then your audience must be teenagers or middle-age people rather than old age users. As said, customers are similar to God in case of business, so you have to understand what techniques are needed to keep your customers or audience happy. How can you grow their interest in your product, this strategy is what we call marketing strategies. 

3. Use Custom Audiences for remarketing

Remarketing is a powerful Facebook targeting strategy to connect with potential customers who have already expressed interest in your products.

Using Facebook Custom Audiences Targeting option, you can show your ads to those you have recently viewed your website or looked into your business page. 

You can also choose to exclude people who have purchased recently if you think they are unlikely to convert again soon.

4. Target people similar to your existing one

Targeting people similar to your existing audience will save your time and efforts that you have to pay on new customers, with totally different needs and desires.

For example- if the data tells you that your existing customers are likely to be mid-30s moms who live in Austin, you can get a great bang for your buck by targeting other mid-30s moms who live in Austin. 

5. Narrow your target

Instead of publishing your product in front of all followers, you must narrow your target. Make your products in front of those who are really interested in your product and have purchased from your website before or depending on the product, also you can narrow your audience. Let’s say your product is related to baby care, then your target audience should be parents and present your products in front of parents in your follow list. 

6. Try to keep an eye on your competitor’s marketing strategies

Competition is everywhere and especially when it comes to marketing. Hundreds of Facebook users have a business profile to promote their products and use different techniques for this. Sometimes your strategy becomes old and has no effects on the audience, that is the time you should study the strategies and techniques your competitors have adapted and used to grow their business. Copying exactly the same from your competitor will somewhere term as stealing but, extracting some of the points from their ad can be beneficial to you.

7. Combine two of your audience

In the case of narrowing your target audience many times, you don’t understand which group of people can actually get affected by the ad. For example- In the case of chocolate ads, you first target the group of teenagers and wait for the result. If the result is not what you accept, then combine the audience of middle age group people, this will gradually increase your traffic. But the combining has to be done with cleverness, and the combined group must be related. 

8. Check ad relevance and improve the targeting 

People want to see those ads that are relevant to them. And when businesses show their ads to relevant audiences, they see better business outcomes. That’s why we consider how relevant each ad is to a person before delivering an ad to that person. The ad has to get in front of that audience who not only sees your audience but also takes action based on those ads. 

Focus on the quality and choose the right ad format. Relevant ads are like more profit with less effort and this has to be understood by every marketing businessman.

9. Timely posting of ads

Try to post on a regular basis within a short interval of time, this will make your followers feed flooded with your post

This will make your follower’s eye frequently fall on your ads. Initially, your business may not get much success but frequent posting of ads will slowly increase the success and popularize your products.

Out of sight is out of mind, this is even applicable here if the time interval between two of your ads is large then people won’t pay much interest in your brand, products or your ads.

10. Ads transparency

Your post or video in which you are promoting a brand should have a clear message delivered to the customers or users. For example, if you are promoting a Nike shoe, then make your post in such a way that your views attention first go on the shoe and you must use text that shows the importance and popularity. In case of the video the music used, the quality of the video, the way it’s presenting it should be properly arranged and examined by you before posting it. This will attract your customers and increase the sale of the product.

These tips for targeting cheaper ads will definitely help you grow your business on Facebook. 

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