10 Free Instant Message Plugins For Your Online Business Website

It’s quite natural to ask queries. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to revert back to the query with an appropriate solution. 

This ideology used to work back in 2010, these days things are a bit different. Businesses that have Instant Message Plugins are the players now. 

In 2020, if a query is asked and the solution needs to pop up instantly. As a customer, I’ll never appreciate the delay from the service provider. Even I hate that a second wait till GOOGLE processes my query. I believe every customer hates the delay. 

These days, every business is round the clock to deliver satisfaction to their customers. If you really want to grow your business then you have to be lightning-fast in terms of problem-solving. 

For an online business portal, an instant messaging plugin is a tool that can help you connect with your clients instantly. Whenever any clients drop a query on your portal, you will get a notification and these plugins will even give you the option to respond. 

Today, I have listed 10 Free Instant Messaging plugins that will help you give a natural boost to your small business. With these Instant Message plugins, you can give your business a considerable boost with minimum efforts.

Mark that, all the instant message plugins mentioned here are quite popular and reliable at the same time. In this list. a variety of instant message plugins are mentioned, you can pick as per your requirements.

Tidio Live Chat

Tidio is a live chat plugin or I would say instant message plugin that allows you to have a real-time conversation with your clients. The best thing about the Tidio Live Chat plugin is that you have a private conversation with your clients and it allows you to get their location. Tidio Live Chat plugins allow you the option to set an automatic message, so whenever anyone visits your website, you will have the option to start a new conversation with them. 

There are three different customizable options available, and supports many languages thus, language won’t be a barrier for you while communicating with your visitors.

Tawk.too is one of the few amazing instant message Plugins. support custom triggers for different visitors, users can upload files through window. Though this plugin is free to use but if you want to get rid of the branding on the chat window then you can go for the premium option that will cost you $15 per month.

Pure Chat

Pure Chat is a live chat plugin that can be integrated with WordPress easily and then you can have conversations with your clients. Using Pure Chat you can connect with multiple users at a time and it even store all the transcripts of  different conversations in the database.  Pure Chat has a simple UI  through which your visitors can directly have a conversation with you without any formality of creating an account or not. 


LiveChat is a free plugin with limited features, besides this, if you feel like you require more features then you can go for the premium subscription. LiveChat allows you to send custom messages to selected visitors. The LiveChat team has 24×7 tech support if you feel stuck at any moment, you can connect with the support and they’ll fix your issue as soon as possible. 


I love PureChat because it has a super easy and interactive User Interface. It has dozens of customization options available in PureChat. You can make the chat windows look very pretty and can add different animations to make it more interactive for your users. 

Through PureChat, you can start a conversation with a visitor. Besides this, PureChat gives you a full report of users and their recent activities so you can target them accordingly.  


Sendinblue is not a plugin but a web portal where you can register a website owner and then you will get an embed code through which you can integrate the Live chat option. Sendinblue is so special because it’s more than just a live chatting application, but it’s a multi-purpose tool. Through Sendinblue, you can send emails, newsletters and can even build your landing page to get maximum engagements. 


iFlyChat is a real-time chatting plugin that you can integrate with your WordPress business portal. It will help you engage more with your clients and that too in just seconds. iFlyChat supports one to one chat, it will help you differentiate between customers so that you can solve their queries effectively. You can even have group Live chats with multiple users. 

Anonymous users can directly have a conversation with you without any registration. Besides this, iFlyChat has a cloud-based chat backup system so physical backup won’t be required.  Through this Live chat plugin, you can share files with your customers and vice versa. iFlyChat plugin supports multiple languages and it also has a video calling feature integrated into the chat window only. 

Zendesk Chat

Zendesk is among the most popular instant message plugins for WordPress Users. Zendesk Live Chat  Plugin is free to download. You can respond to your visitors through its dashboard or even through your Smartphone. The dashboard of Zendesk supports real time visitor track and chat performance charts. 

Its premium plans start at $14/month, which seems a little expensive for the small business but for sure it worths the price. Zendesk Chat is a professional-looking messaging plugin, with almost 0 restrictions. As an owner, you can customise the chatbox if you want. 

WP-ChatBot for Facebook Messenger

WP-ChatBot is one of the fastest and simple ways to interact with your customer and since it is a Facebook Messenger based chatting plugin, users need not register anywhere to start a chat. You can chat with customers 24/7 through custom messages. 

WP-ChatBot allows you to have private conversations and you can access all messages in the common inbox. There are dozens of customisation options available to make the chat window more interactive and interest-specific for the visitors. 

HubSpot Live Chat Plugin

HubSpot Live Chat Plugin is free to use and offers almost all the basic features that any other instant message plugins can offer with fees. Integrating HubSpot Live Chat Plugin with a WordPress website is very easy and within a few clicks, you can start a conversation with onsite visitors. If you are looking for a bundle software that can also offer you services like E-mail marketing, Forms then, HubSpot is the best option available for you as a Live Chat plugin. 

HubSpot plugin learns from previous conversations constantly and it even creates a analytics report for the admins to improve accordingly and fill the voids. Besides this, HubSpot Live Chat Plugin is compatible with all popular page builders and it works with all themes available for WordPress. 

Final Verdict

The relationship between a service provider and a client is the most vital part of the growth of any business. If the relationship is healthy then it will have a positive effect on the growth of your business. These messaging plugins will help to build a bond between you and your clients. I would say, give these Instant message plugins a try. Many agencies like SEO Agency, Product photography agency and many others are using these kind of plugins for instant interaction with their audience.

Aashirvad Kumar

CEO & Founder Of OptimizeForSEO

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