10 Kitchen Appliances that You Need to Have

Have you ever been so frustrated about working in your own kitchen? Well, take heart, you’re not the only one. A lot of people have 2000 kitchen appliances in a 2020 kitchen, and that’s part of the problem.

Naturally, the kitchen appliances you can’t live without depending on your lifestyle and how much time you spend there. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to update them once in a while. It lightens your workload, enhances the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Here are our top 10 kitchen appliances that you need to have in 2020.

1. Refrigerator

It’s impossible to imagine living without refrigeration options. You can’t store leftovers or keep anything cold, and it’s impossible for meal prep. However, this is one kitchen appliance that you must upgrade. 2020 versions are more energy-efficient, convenient, and they use less space.

2. Smart Instant Pot

It is one thing to own an instant pot, but is it smart? Nowadays, most kitchen appliances and accessories are manufactured with tech features to increase efficiency and convenience. This smart version does everything a traditional instant pot can, but it can connect to your devices. So, you can monitor your cooking from any room and have it stop whenever.

3. Air Fryer

You must really despise convenience if you don’t have this appliance yet. An air fryer allows you to deep fry your foods with as little as a teaspoon of cooking oil. Still, you achieve similar texture and taste to normally deep-fried foods.

4. Smart Coffee Maker

It’s one thing to own a coffee maker, but imagine one that could brew your coffee as you get ready? A smart coffee maker is a pretty decent investment, especially if you spend all your money at Starbucks or coffee shops.

5. Microwave

You may have a microwave, but how long does it take to get the job done? If you like speedy process or have busy schedules, then a highly efficient microwave is a must-have. Nobody wants to eat half-cooked or barely warm dinners.

6. Nugget Ice Makers

Trouble remembering to make ice on time? Get yourself an icemaker. It makes restaurant-level kind of ice, so bye-bye, mediocre cocktails. What’s more, you can connect it to your devices and operate it from anywhere around your home. How cool is that?

7. The Smart Stove

If you’ve watched any cooking show this year, you must have noticed the stoves controlled by swipes and touches. Yes, that’s where we’re at – electromagnetic stoves. It has indicators that help you regulate how hot your flame gets. Welcome to the future!

8. Bluetooth Speakers

Highly debatable topics include what kitchen appliances are essential, but that can be solved by preference. Suppose you spend a lot of time in the kitchen or look up recipes often. In that case, you realize how vital a Bluetooth speaker is—no struggles to hear what the recipes, and turn up the music to speed up the chores.

9. Tower Food Warmer

If you meal prep or keep leftovers, then this appliance is a must-have. More so, it comes with numerous food compartments, so no need to worry about messes and mixes.

10. Flame Tamer

Sometimes it’s impossible to simmer or slow cook your meals because the low knob on your stove is not low enough. So get yourself a flame tamer to prevent burning your food or having it stick to the bottom.


Kitchen appliances and their uses will always need upgrades, but there’s no need to do it all at once. Rather, start with what is used often or what you can afford. Do you think kitchen upgrades are essential? What are some appliances you never knew you needed until you got them? Any that you fancy from the 10 kitchen appliances you need to have we’ve mentioned?

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