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10 Proven Ways to Save Money Online While Shopping

With increasing internet users in India, online shopping has become a new normal. You will feel more ease and convenience in online shopping as compared to offline as you get genuine products at reasonable prices with some clicks. E-Commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. compete with each other for more sales which offer consumers an opportunity to save money online in every purchase.

Top 10 Practical Tricks to Save Money Online

Look for the Offers and Coupons Websites

Coupons and promo codes can reduce your bill significantly. Shopping sites provide these offers, deals, and cashback in order to increase their sales. You may get the coupon code on the merchant’s website, if you don’t find it. You need not to worry.

There are tons of Offers and Coupons Websites that have affiliation with almost all of the shopping websites. You will get the desired deals or offers in a few clicks. The days have gone when one has to search for deals across the internet.

Make a List of Products for Online Shopping

It is advised to make a list of required products before heading online. It will help you stay focused and save your precious time. By avoiding unnecessary items, you could save money. Many times, while surfing e-commerce websites, we end up buying undesired things and then wait for the next month’s salary. To be on the budget, you can shift to buying less important products for the next month.

Use Credit Cards or Wallet

You can get awesome deals and offers using your credit card or wallet. These could be your extra savings as these offers are provided by the banks. You can get between 1% to 5% cashback on online shopping when you pay with your credit card or wallet. The value of the cashback is really high. For example, once on the weekend, I got a Zomato Coupon Codewith a 25% off offer. When I paid for the order with a wallet, I also got 3% cashback and that was from the payment gateway side.

Compare Product Prices at different Sites

After planning what to purchase, check the product prices and reviews at different eCommerce sites. You can use product comparison tools or websites to save your time and money. Buying a low price product may not always be a good choice as the product quality may be bad. So, it is important to check the seller’s credibility. The reviews at the seller’s site may be paid so you should check reviews at some other reliable sites.

Know the Product before Buying

Sellers are promoting their products and finding out new innovative ideas to keep their products on top of the search. Thus, Sometimes you may get stuck over items that they wanna show you. Buying a less worthy product is like losing your money so it is recommended to go through the genuine reviews, descriptions, and images of the product properly. You should prefer the products with free delivery or you can even choose the pick-up facility for the additional savings.

Leave Products in Your Shopping Cart

The best trick to save big on items is to leave them in your shopping cart for a few days. Next time when you login to the site, you may think should I buy it? And if the answer is yes, you should wait. The shopping websites have systems to determine the item status, finding items in your cart they will encourage you to complete your purchase. Some shoppers provide discounts or cashback offers for the product left in your cart to close the deal fast.

Create Multiple Products for Better Offers and Deals

The new users get a lot more attention and offer than the existing customers. So, if you have many items in your cart, you can create a new account to get the new user offers. Suppose you have to buy a smartphone and a Laptop, now if you create two accounts in the same shopping website, then you will get the new user discounts in both of the items separately.

Buy during Festival Sales

The ideal time to buy a product are festivals, especially during Diwali and Holi. The competition is tough between e-commerce sites and people are willing to spend money on different items. So, at these times, you get the products at an all-time low. The offers and deals in the last few days of the sale are exceptional, you may get up to 80% off during these days.

Use Mobile Apps

The shopping sites offer heavy discounts to mobile app users. Some of the deals are available only for app users, the reason behind it is very simple they don’t wanna let you go to competitors’ sites. With the app, the chances are very less to move to another platform. Adding an advantage in online shopping, Mobile apps are accessible all the time as you may not get a laptop or desktop everywhere.

Browse In Incognito Mode

When you shop online or browse the products, your browser collects your browsing data and stores it in cookies. These cookies are analyzed by the shopping websites and they know what you’re looking at buying. Prices are raised for the thing you are waiting for and this happens mostly with the flight ticket booking.

Browsing incognito or private mode in your computer will prevent the collection of cookies. It could be the best mode to browse and check product prices and after analysis, you can login in normal mode and buy that item at a reasonable price.

Online shopping is in fashion, most of the consumers are youth, and they find it fascinating. Consumers should not waste money on unnecessary things, before buying a product you should think about it 2-3 times whether you will use it for a long time or not. Someone has said, A rupee saved is a rupee earned. So, you should follow the given points in order to save money online while shopping.

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