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10 Worst Job Searching Tips

Usually, job seekers are so desperate that they blindly follow ant advice given to them. If you are also looking for a job, be cautious and smart and put some thought to the job search advice you choose to follow. Some advice, such as these 10 “suggestions,” can be a disaster for your job-seeking practice:

Ignore the Summary

Never overlook the importance of summary or objective part, at the top of your resume. This can be one of the biggest drawbacks for a prospective employee. The summary gets right to the point. The last thing you want to do is to waste the time of an overloaded employer.

Too Much Information

Limit your resume to one or two pages. Giving too much information will hide your talents, and the prospective employer may overlook the important details. Be precise, and avoid exaggeration.

Using Corporate Lingo

Employers want to get a sense of the person they are hiring. They can’t do that if your resume is filled with corporate claptrap. Be clever and avoid using commonplace expressions. Your resumes should depict your personality and skills.

Don’t Ever Miss the Call.

People usually think that if they miss a call from the prospective employer, that will be the end of it. If you are busy with something, it is better to let the caller know that you are tied up just now, but you would love to speak to her again in an hour (or whatever is a more convenient time). You would hardly be effective during the interview if you are trying to rush through it to get somewhere else.

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Wait to Talk Money

Never hesitate to talk about your salary at the earliest opportunity. If your salary requirements are not consistent with what the company is willing to offer, you’re wasting your precious time.

Only Use the Traditional Routes

It will be insular if you limit your job search to the job boards, classifieds and company websites, and don’t explore social networking sites like Face book, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These websites can help you to spread the word that you’re looking for a job.

Never Send a Paper Resume

Though growing numbers of companies indeed want resumes emailed, a paper resume is still the most reliable form to apply for a job. The emails can get deleted or removed by a spam filter. You will be highly appreciated if you will use the best quality paper for your resume. If it’s soft white or ivory, you may get extra points, and your resume will be noticeable against the bright white copy paper versions on an employer’s desk.

Wait for Them to Call You

If you wait for the employers to call you, you will have to keep waiting. As long as the online job posting doesn’t request “no calls” about the position, go ahead and call. This way, you can get yourself noticed in the volume of other resumes, which are still to be seen.

Giving References

It’s a misconception that giving a list of references can offer you a good chance for selection. Usually, the people you refer to are not interested in talking to the employers you have sent your resumes to.

Post on Every Job Board

It will not be smart if you post your resume on every job board you can find. There are high chances that you’ll become overexposed and underestimated. This will show that you are quite desperate and that you don’t have quite the network you should have.

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