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13 Exclusive Home-Based Startup Ideas For Unemployed In UK

The pandemic has badly affected the future of many in the UK. The recent graduates may face difficulty securing a job; does that mean they will remain seated till this pandemic is over? Of course not! There’s always an alternative to every critical situation. Let’s find here some other ways how unemployed in the UK can start earning today.

Home-Based Business Ideas For Unemployed

Employment brings you the independence that most youngsters quest for. But finding the right opportunity often welcomes a lot of quandaries. To help you on that part, here are a few startup ideas that you can consider –

Be a 2021 Blogger

If you consider blogging a hobby, you may not have realized how serious a business idea it is. Many bloggers in the UK are already earning in six-figures by following the trend and strong SEO practices.

With your passion for writing, you can also become a famous blogger in the UK. But you should know that not every blog can rake in heaps of pounds. You have to plan properly — think of a particular niche by analyzing the trend of 2021, improve your writing skills as per SEO requirements, focus on a user-friendly website, and post regularly. Try this, and you’ll be astonished to see the growth in some time!

Consider Vlogging if not blogging

You can go for Vlogging if writing is not your passion. By creating funny, innovative, and engaging content, you can earn a lot of money from YouTube. The process will be like turning your innate outgoing, high-spirited personality into an income channel.

It is advised that you must follow YouTube channel guidelines while creating videos to reach a bigger demographic. There are three more things to focus on if you consider Vlogging as your source of income — a good editing tool, a superb-quality camera, and a high-quality microphone.

Become an online teacher

Online teaching is a rapidly emerging possibility of earning. With schools and colleges closed for an unspecified number of days due to pandemics, online teaching sessions are becoming vastly popular. Or you may, and it is already a popular concept in the past year.

So, if you have a deep-rooted plethora of knowledge in any subject, register yourself as an online teacher, and explore your passion for teaching. Tech-related skills like WordPress management and coding are especially in high demand in the e-learning market.

Open a cyber-security consultancy firm

With new-fangled internet-based threats coming affront, the demand for cyber-security has never been greater. So, you can utilize your cyber-security knowledge to make lumpsum earning right from the comfort of your home.

You don’t need to rent an office location, but you must have a few trusted resources by your side. As unemployed to date, you may not have the money to pay for your resources or buy a few necessary tools and software. Here’s where loans for unemployed people on benefits can help you. Get a loan amount and repay it as you start earning from your business.

Buy and sell domains

You may be wondering what kind of business is that, but it is one of the emerging business ideas that didn’t find popularity yet. Let’s explain this business idea to you in detail –

There are several websites from where companies buy domains for their website. Your job will be to buy a few of those domains beforehand and sell them to the companies at a higher price. Having a perfect domain is a priority for every entrepreneur, and thus, they will nod to pay the handsome price you set for any domain.

However, buying and selling domains thus involves a lot of guesswork and planning. But with low capital costs, it is indeed a great business idea to succeed with.

Become an Instagram Influencer

Earning while becoming popular — isn’t it interesting? That’s what Instagram influencers are all about. To become one, you have to ensure a well-established audience in your profile, whom you can leverage to buy a specific product or service. Your success here will be determined if you can turn your popularity into a good income stream.

Likes, shares, follows, and engagement rates are the significant KPIs when you make up your mind to become an IG influencer. There’s an exciting thing to know before you step on – brands are increasingly looking to work with micro-influencers (small influencers), who have relatively fewer followers than the bigger ones but have high engagement rates.


If you have management and marketing knacks, then Dropshipping is a preferred business idea for you. It’s more like an eCommerce business, where you don’t need to have an inventory of yours. It is said that the eCommerce market share is climbing to 295% in the coming five years, so now is the best time to grab an opportunity like this.

The concept behind Dropshipping is quite simple — you have to get products from your suppliers at a comparatively lower price and sell them to your consumers at a markup through online platforms like Shopify. Here, you don’t have to manage inventory!

By taking up any of these seven ideas, you can earn good figures. It will help you get over the unemployment status and become an entrepreneur of this age.

The Bottom Line

Earning ain’t a challenge in the UK as long as you know the tricks of the trade. Compassionate planning can ensure a great income channel without much hassle. In fact, these low-key business ideas do not require substantial capital costs. Thus, these are the perfect options for those who are unemployed to date.

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