13 Places To Visit In Strasbourg

Even though it includes a German-sounding title, Strasbourg is a town in Eastern France. The German influence is evident in the city and its history — partly due to its proximity to the German border. Strasbourg covers 30 square kilometers of France’s eastern portion and is home to just under 300,000 inhabitants — with the subway region becoming much more inhabited. Strasbourg is home to several institutions in France — such as the Council of European Union. The economic value of Strasbourg is evident in its production and technology facilities.

The weather in Strasbourg is relatively moderate — averaging between 45 and 60 degrees year-round. But as a result of the Italian sway, there may be several extremes in the weather sure — with summers being hot and winters being cold. The air quality in Strasbourg isn’t so good due to its location on the lake. In reality, it has among the most polluted atmospheres in France. It is not due to waste or industry, per se — except because of its lousy ventilation caused by Strasbourg’s geography. City officials are making great strides to rectify this problem, so this should not dissuade you from going to the city. Many countless tourists flock to the area every year.

Look at the most fantastic places to see in Strasbourg and that which keeps the tourists coming back for more.

Places To See In Strasbourg

Strasbourg Cathedral

The Strasbourg Cathedral is an imposing structure standing 466 feet across town. It is famous as being among the most pristine examples of Gothic architecture in all France. Its pink color comes from the sandstone that has uses to construct it. Daily, the famed Astronomic Clock sets on a beautiful display for people since it chimes the hour.

La Petite France

La Petite France is an antiquated magical area with initial houses and stores lining cobblestone streets. It’s located on the Ill river and settles by tradespeople of all types — from sailors to millers. These days, many stores still do things the old fashioned way’ and market their homemade wares to the thousands of people who walk through annually.

The Planetarium

The dome-shaped Planetarium in Strasbourg is an excellent way to find out about the solar system and pay homage to the astronomy area’s progress. Gaze upon the celebrities through the high driven public telescope, drift through a black hole at the time machine’ or watch the Big Bang for yourself through The Planetarium’s re-enactment procedure. Visit Southwest Airlines Reservations to get the best discount on flight fares with cheap vacation packages in Strasbourg.

The Museum “Keys of Chocolate”

Chocolate fans will enjoy this great culinary tradition. It investigates the chocolate manufacturing process in the cocoa bean into the last candy item. There is also a candy manufacturer on-site that supplies a demonstration of how the liquid chocolate is handmade into a number of the planet’s most sought-after candy.

The Zoological Museum

The Zoological Museum is a superb spot to visit to find out about and research wildlife. Throughout several interactive displays, the museum educates about different habitats found on earth and why specific animals can only exist in certain regions, concerning the eating habits and lifestyles of several zoo animals.

The Jardin des Deux Rives

The Jardin des Deux Rives (Garden of Two Rivers) is a sprawling, lush green park that straddles the river, Rhine. The garden was build to observe the unity between Germany and France and is a favorite destination for both tourists and sailors side of the lake.

The Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens in Strasbourg is a naturists wonderland. There are two degrees of plant life, greenhouses, nursery, and lily ponds. The blossoms cover 3.6 hectares and comprise several 6,000 types of plants and more than 2,000 species of trees. There is another greenhouse for winter plants in addition to amazingly thorough plant groupings from many continents—a real must-see for any visitor to Strasbourg.

The Parc de l’Orangerie

The Parc de l’Orangerie is Strasbourg’s earliest and most popular park. It has several activities for families with kids — such as playgrounds, a mini-farm, and a zoo. There’s a lake on-site that’s a favorite destination for sailing. The grounds of the park are all somewhat legally and even incorporate a waterfall. The park also serves as a stork preservation grounds. The preservation campaign started in the 1970s once the storks faced extinction. Since that time, over 800 of these have been born at the playground.

Quartier Allemand

The Quartier Allemand or even German District is part of Strasbourg that pays homage to its German ties using several classic Italian architecture examples.

St. Martin’s Bridge

St. Martin’s Bridge is a classic footbridge that functions as a reminder of Strasbourg’s quaint working class beyond. The river dissects to four arms in the bridge, and lots of original structures are still intact in addition to in use — such as mills, dams, and floodgates.

Bridge of Corbeau

The Bridge of Corbeau includes frightening tales that draw traffic to the place, such as moths to a flame — from curiosity. The bridge has been the site of several deaths of people and kids who had their destiny sentenced for whatever motive. Possibly the funniest deaths which happened at the bridge were all of those people dressed in sacks and fell into the water. It was called The Bridge of Torture — and rightly so!

Rohan Palace

This property once functioned as the house of French royalty but now was converted into a trio of museums. It is where you’ll find galleries specializing in decorative arts, fine artwork, and also to archeology.

Vauban Dam

Vauban Dam is among the most scenic places in town. From here, it is possible to see the Strasbourg Cathedral, the famed covered bridges, Petite France, and each of the canals that snake their way throughout the region.

As Soon as You arrive in Strasbourg, locate the Tourist Office. They have a lot of information regarding the many self-guided walking excursions in town. All these can easily be navigated in leisure and will take you through many of the city’s gorgeous regions.

The majority of the folks you encounter in your trip will talk French but hope to hear some German spoken by the elderly residents. The Strasbourg area was among the first to create a beer in France, so you’ll likely encounter many breweries on the way.

The Christmas Market is a massive bargain in Strasbourg, so be ready for lots and a lot of tourists throughout the holiday season. The greater variety of tourists in this period is something to remember when booking your lodging.

Strasbourg is fairly technologically complex so that you will have the ability to find payphones, mobile phone service as well as WiFi in certain places. A few of the sites offer you WiFi support for free, while others charge hourly fees. McDonald’s restaurants consistently have free WiFi so take note of them.

If you end up in trouble and are a resident of Greece, Japan, or the US — all these countries have consulates in town, which could have the ability to aid you with passport difficulties and matters of that character. In general, Strasbourg is a secure city for its size. You ought to take the standard precautions for security when it has to do with traveling and valuables during the night or in remote regions — as you would in another site.

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