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20 Tips to Prepare & Pass the CISA Examination

Certified Systems Information Auditor (CISA) is globally acknowledged as the standard for IT professionals that hold a career in information systems such as monitoring, auditing, securing, and controlling data. In order to achieve a Certificate in CISA, you need dedication, hard work, and time.

The 20 tips for preparing and passing the CISA Exam:

  1. ISACA Resources Utilisation – They provide great resources for preparing for the CISA Exam. CISA Review Manual (CRM), is a guide especially for those candidates preparing for the CISA exam. The 26th edition of this book has recently been revised and improved as per the recent CISA job practices. There are many resources available that contain a large number of sample questions for the preparation. It helps to enhance both your strength and weakness gradually. 
  2. Self Study Schedule – The CISA exam consists of five domain that covers a variety of topics. You need to use your time efficiently to be able to go through all the five domains at least once. Which includes reading, practicing questions, and revising multiple times. 
  3. Online Forum – There are many online sites available where CISA candidates and professionals connect and share their particular experiences. Posting your queries on these verified online forums can be quite helpful. 
  4. Information Systems – You need to be well aware of the full form of IS which stands for Information Systems. As many candidates get information system auditor confused with information security auditor. 
  5. Think like an IS auditor – CISA focuses mainly on Information Systems Auditors. The candidates who have technical backgrounds but no or little audit experience should learn or practice to think like an IS auditor from the very beginning. 
  6. ISACA guides – ISACA guides are one of the best material that provides all the necessary knowledge and fundamental information about the exam. It has all the detailed information related to the exams. It has important information like the number of questions given in an exam and the domains of the exam. 
  7. Free study materials from ISACA– ISACA also provides free stud materials which are equally great and helpful for the preparation of the exam. 
  8. Joining training course – Self-studying might not be the best option for the preparation of CISA. As it requires an immense amount of knowledge about different subjects. 
  9. Planning constantly – One of the most important tips for preparing for any exam is planning. You need to plan every step perfectly and efficiently to achieve success in the exam.
  10. Continuous revision – It requires continuous revision every day as a vast majority of knowledge to acquire on different subjects that might appear in the examination. 
  11. ISACA practice tests – It also provides a huge amount of practice tests that help you to know your result each time, eventually helping you to strengthen your weakness and strength at the same time. 
  12. Avoid online tests – Online free tests do not contain 100% accurate answers; they don’t have updated resources as well. 
  13. Online free resources – The free resources available on trusted sites like google or other verified websites can be quite helpful in preparing for the CISA exam. 
  14. QAE mock exam – The mock exam provided by QAE contains a number of multiple-choice questions that can be considered a nice practice before few days of the exam. 
  15. Relax the day before the exam – Learning new concepts a day or week before the exam is not recommended. You need to rest your mind a day before the exam to attain great results. 
  16. Stay calm – Staying calm before an exam is extremely important. If you stay nervous, you might end up making lots of mistakes and leaving some questions unattempted. In order to minimise silly errors, you need to stay calm and focused throughout the exam. 
  17. Relax your mind before appearing for exam – You need to concentrate right before giving the exam, as there might be some questions which won’t be familiar. In such situations, you need not panic and just skip to the other questions, for the time being, your motive should be on completing the exam with accurate answers to the questions that you are certain about. 
  18. Proper understanding of the question –During the exam, you need to read the questions thoroughly to not get confused. In order to answer tricky questions, you need to put all your concentration into it. Only after understanding you can answer the questions accurately. 
  19. Divide the time for each section – In order to complete the exam quickly without leaving any questions unsolved, you need to keep a time limit for each section. This way, you can save a few minutes from rechecking your answers. 
  20. Recheck the answers before submission – You receive relaxation after completing the exam, but you needn’t hurry as that would waste all of the efforts put into the preparation. You need to recheck your answers in the last few minutes to make sure that they’re correct. 

CISA certification makes your resume look more appealing. It even lets you stand on a different level from the candidates that do not have this certificate. It gives you an immense amount of knowledge and provides you with a platform to improve your skills gradually.

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