2021’s Best Women Hairstyles & Cuts

Many women have a deep interest in fashion, and haircare is one of the main aspects of this. To look stylish or wishing for a change or to deal with hair damage- people cut their hair for many reasons. 

While there are different varieties of hairstyles & cuts available, it is better to choose as per your face shape and preference. Also, it is necessary to take proper care of the tresses as well, to improve hair quality. 

For the best results, you should consider taking the help of credible stylists chiefly. 

Types of Hairstyles & Cuts 

  • Angled bob

This version of a short haircut is a favorite for many women, especially as it highlights the hair texture well. For added effect, experts propose coloring, like in an ombre effect. Here, keeping the roots darker and the hair color in a warm tone enhances the overall appearance. 

  • Easy waves

Many women of different ages opt for the messy waves look. It is easier to maintain and is cut into layered steps. Here, the layers should be heavier and even in the frontal region. The blow-dried effect also adds volume and smoothness to the overall look. 

  • Strong Bob

This bob-cut form is also called blunt bob and is a common choice for women in many areas. One of the main reasons why many choose this is because it suits different hair textures very well. However, for women with dense hair, it is better if the stylist thins the hair first. 

  • Asymmetrical cut

This is one of the most popular trendy Hairstyles & Cuts that many ladies opt for. Notably, the style is a mixture of bob cut and pixie cut. The stylist cuts the hair on one into an undercut form. On the other hand, the opposite side features longer hair, often in curls. 

This is a complicated look; so, you should carry a picture of the exact style you desire for reference. 

  • Long and sleek

For women who desire a longer haircut, this choice is a common option to take up. Here, stylists use products for smoothening and straightening the hair, and adding a shiny texture. 

Typically, ladies can maintain the look at home if they possess and know how to use a flatiron or curling iron efficiently. 

  • Curtain Bangs

Here, the bangs frame the face in a curtain-like manner. Most women (and even some men) opt for this look since it is compatible with every hair type. 

To note, the perfect shape here involves gradually transitioning the bang length from short to long as they edge outwards. The middle part should fall softly nearer to the pupils and the edges should trail along the jawline. 

  • Tousled Lob Haircut

This is a longer version of the bob cut, ending at the shoulder level. In the tousled version, keep the longer hair messy.  

  • Curly shags

For this haircut, women can choose to keep their hair long or short. It has an artfully unkempt lo0k and is mostly easy to handle. Many girls go for the curly shags version, with a wavy texture that adds volume to the look. Notably, it suits different lengths and bang styles.

  • Face framing layers

Again, this is one of the best Hairstyles & Cuts that suit different face types, lengths, and textures. However, it is most compatible with straighter haircuts. 

  • Undercut

An undercut hairstyle is a trendy option that women opt for to show off an edgy modern vibe. However, it is a favorite selection for some ladies mainly. Here, the lower half of the hair is buzzed off, while the upper sections are kept longer. Clients can choose the length. 

Consider the Following Points When Having a Haircut

  • Choose the style that matches your lifestyle

Women need to consider the kind of life they lead first, like their job, locations, and home life. Keeping an attractive hairstyle intact requires proper upkeep. 

Indeed, someone who has long work hours or occupations that require covering the hair cannot maintain it regularly. Also, do not opt for a complex hairstyle that requires regular curling or straightening if you have no access to such products. 

  • Layers suits only certain faces

Layers are complicated and only complement some face types. Indeed, those with wavy or curly hair can benefit from a layered look since it would supplement bounce and weight. On the other hand, women with thin and fine hair should avoid layers altogether.  

  • Test bangs for a change

Like layers, bangs do not suit every face shape. So, use clip-in bangs, if possible, to see what length fits with your face shape. 

  • Figure out the natural palette before dying your hairs

It is important to know your natural palette color and then go either 2-3 shades darker or lighter than that. Also, consider your undertone shade, and choose a compatible hair color. Remember, hair colors with warm undertones will clash against a person’s cool (undertone) skin, and vice versa. 

What to Do After You Have Your New Haircut?

  • Let down your tresses 

Keep your hair open instead of tying it after a haircut. 

  • Don’t forget to brush

Always brush your hair with a wide-toothed comb to remove any tangles. Using your fingers is acceptable, too. 

  • Switch hair products

After getting a haircut, use hair products that suit it best. For example, longer or thicker hair requires you to put in more products, like gels and anti-frizz. 

Also, you need to use specific hair product types depending on your hair texture and if you had hair coloring, too.

  • Focus on steps for less hair damage 

Go to bed at night with braided hair and wear a hat or scarf when you go out in the morning. Certainly, such measures would ensure less hair damage like split ends and hair fall.

Book Appointment with Zoylee

For the best haircut look that would suit you well, rely on reliable experts. With the Online salon booking app- Zoylee, you can get in touch with high-level hairstylists. They have experience and expertise and can create trendy looks for different hair types. 


Overall, consider your face shape and hair quality to decide on a haircut that you wish to try. Also, take proper measures for maintenance afterward to make the look last longer. For any suggestions, get in touch with qualified hairstyling experts.

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I am a former executive.

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