4 Factors to Consider When You Hire The Movers

To be able to move to a new place without any hassle, you need systematic planning right from the packing stage to the loading stage to the unpacking stage. The reality is that only professional residential moving services can exhibit such a task smoothly.

Locating and selecting credible residential movers for your local residential moving needs is no simple feat. You need to take multiple things into account. You need to keep an eye out for their market reputation, past clientele, number of successful moves, and number of years in service.

Here are the top four factors to consider.

1. Check the standard of their customer service

When it comes to hiring a moving company, it is crucial that you assess their customer service. This is not the same as the customer service you get at a superstore, here you need to understand that you are handing over your valuable belongings into someone’s hands.

Do not compromise on the customer service simply because the company is giving you a discount, you will end up regretting it in the future. Go for a moving company that is accessible on more than one platform such as email, phone, and in-person meetings.

If a service fails to listen and provide satisfactory answers to your needs, concerns, and queries as a client, you must look for other options.

2. Pay close attention to their pricing

Of course, nothing can beat the market standard levels of customer service to gauge the reputation and reliability of any company, but pricing is equally important.

The moving services will cost you by the weight of the boxes or the belongings or the distance that the items need to be moved. So, you need to be very categorical with the company when it comes to the charges.

Even if the cost per kg or kilometer is small, it can add up to a huge invoice at the end according to the size of your move. Hence, get a cost estimate for your residential move right in the first meeting. In fact, a good company will first tour your house before providing you a cost estimate.

3. What about the size of move the company can cater to?

The strength of a moving company varies. Some companies are better equipped to handle large-sized moves while some can only handle a small move. Besides, moving companies offer you choices between small vans to large-sized moving trucks for your move.

All in all, it is at your discretion and needs to decide what size of truck you require for your move. At times, the trucks or the vans need to make many trips to transport all your belongings. The semi-trucks are the most expensive, however, they are highly reliable for long distant moves.

4. Is the company licensed?

The last factor that you must take into account prior to hiring any moving company is to check the company’s licensing. Any credible mover must be licensed and insured with FMCSA. They must present you with proof of licensing and not an application in process.

In addition to a legit license, movers also need to be medically insured, as well as your belongings need to be insured so that you can file a claim if anything goes missing or gets damaged during the move.

In The End

No residential move is easy. It is a job that is hectic, time, and energy-consuming. During this scenario, the last thing you need is a company that is unprofessional, rude, not licensed, or insured. Otherwise, you will be wasting your money.

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