5 Amazing Destination Wedding Venues in Kerala

5 Amazing Destination Wedding Venues in Kerala
5 Amazing Destination Wedding Venues in Kerala

Destination weddings are a newer trend in weddings these days. Many couples choose to get their loved ones together in a location that may be far off from their hometowns and have them experience something new together. There’s more to it than just having your friends and family visit for the wedding. A destination wedding can give your guests an opportunity to explore and experience something new together, which can be as exciting for them as it is for you! Here’s our list of 5 amazing destination wedding venues in Kerala where you can go with your wedding photographers.

1) Temple Wedding

If you love exploring unique wedding venues, consider having your temple wedding in Kerala. This state is home to more than 3000 temples, many of which are over 1000 years old! These temples serve different purposes in Kerala, including places of worship, shrines, homes, and meeting places for local communities. A temple wedding is an excellent destination wedding in Kerala, as it allows your guests to experience something new and unique with you. If you’re unsure where to begin, look into having your temple wedding near Kochi, Munnar, Alwaye, Cochin, or Thrippunithura. These are a few of the most famous temple towns in Kerala. You can also look at finding a significant temple to your relationship or even a specific religious belief. A temple wedding can also be a beautiful way to add cultural significance to your relationship, as many couples choose to get married under a temple for this reason.

2) Houseboat Wedding Destination

Kerala is famous for its stunning beaches and backwaters, so why not have your wedding on a houseboat? You’ll have the option of renting a houseboat for your wedding, which allows you and your guests to experience living on the water and being out on the backwaters. You can also choose to have a houseboat wedding along the southern coast of Kerala. For example, you can have your wedding near Idukki or Cochin and have your guests experience the beauty of the southern backwaters. The southern coast is home to many small towns and villages, so you can also consider having your wedding in one of these. It will allow your guests to experience Kerala’s beautiful Western Ghats and abundant waterfalls. Another advantage of having your wedding on a houseboat is that you can have your wedding anywhere you choose. There are no specific laws or rules regarding houseboats, and you can have your wedding anywhere you’d like.

3) Hilltop Wedding Destination

If you and your partner love exploring unique places, consider having your wedding on a hilltop in Kerala. There are many hilltop wedding destinations in the state, including Munnar, Alwaye, and Thekkady. Munnar offers some of the most striking views in all of South India, while Thekkady is home to many lush gorges and waterfalls. These are just a few of the many hilltop wedding locations in Kerala. Consider having your wedding in a hilltop village in Kerala for a local feel. These villages are often located in the Nilgiri Hills, which are the state’s highest range. The Nilgiris are famous for their stunning views, lush green valleys, and abundant wildlife. Another great reason to get married in Kerala is the state’s diverse range of cultural traditions. You can choose from various cultural wedding traditions, including Christian or traditional Indian.

4) Beach Wedding Destination

Finally, consider having your wedding at a beach in Kerala. There are many stunning beaches in the state, including Kovalam and Varkala. The southern coast is home to many beautiful beaches, and the backwaters of Kerala offer yet another option. The south is also home to many festivals, and many are celebrated during the summer months. It makes it a great time to have a beach wedding in Kerala. Consider having your wedding near Marari beach or Kannur beach for an even more local feel. These are both popular beach destinations in Kerala, so your guests will have an authentic experience with you.

5) Wedding At The Backwaters

If you want to get married in a truly unique and unspoiled setting, then the backwaters of Kerala are the place for you. The backwaters are a collection of small islands that surround the state. These tiny islands are full of un-visited and pristine beauty, which can make a fantastic backdrop for your wedding. The backwaters of Kerala are a series of miniature lakes separated by narrow canals. The backwaters of Kerala can be found in two significant locations, viz., Wayanad and Kollam.


There are so many great destinations to consider for your wedding photography in Trivandrum. Our list of 5 amazing destination wedding venues in Kerala is by no means exhaustive. Suppose you have your heart set on a specific location. Research and find out if that place is a good fit for your wedding. Or, if you’re open to exploring potential locations, try visiting some of these places and see if they meet your standards. You may also want to work with a destination wedding planner to help you plan your destination wedding itinerary and create a custom itinerary that suits your needs.

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