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5 Common Issues in PS4 & Here’s How to Resolve

PS4 generation to date is a very popular gaming console that many users stick to. However, like any other electronic device, there are some common issues that can be seen in PS4. These common issues are very frustrating for any gamer if they emerge in the middle of a Battle Royale match.

That being said, Sony has acknowledged and made recovery solutions for many PS4 issues. But even then, to date, some users continue to face some issues. Let’s take a look at what these common issues are and how they can be resolved.

Top 5 Common PS4 Issues & Solutions!

If you come across these common issues, then here’s what to you should do to resolve them:

1. Pulsating Blue Light

A common issue reported by many PS4 players is that they witness a constant pulsating blue light when they boot their PS4 without any sign of changing into white. Usually, the transition from blue to white light occurs during booting. If that fails, then the problem is related to the video output.


Here’s what you can do.

  • Try restarting the console by unplugging and then plugging cables back. Make sure there are no loose ends of the cable.
  • Make sure the HDMI cable that you’re using to connect PS4 to Television, is firm and not broken. To ensure that, check the HDMI TV Ports as well.
  • The problem can be a hardware fault that can be fixed by a firmware update to resolve the hardware compatibility to receive video signals.

2. PS4 Occasionally Freezing or Crashing

This problem is one of the most commonly reported issues that can be seen in a PS4 as per global user report count. This problem does not signify any grave danger to the device. Rather, it implies that the underlying problem is related to a hardware problem. It also implies that the device has been overused.


Try these solutions to solve the problem:

  • If your PS4 has been overused, it is likely that it has been overheated too. In that case, let it remain shut down for a while as it may need some rest.
  • Make sure you’ve placed the device in a free space where ventilation is easy.

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3. Network Connectivity Issues

Network issue is another common issue in PS4. These network related issues come with error codes like WV-33899-2 or NW-31201-7 or CE-33991-5. If you face the last error code, then be wary that it signifies a server maintenance break where you have to wait until the servers are fixed. For other network error codes, it can be a difficult situation to assess. You can reach out to Gaming console repair Dubai to get the problem solved.


Try these options a solution:

  • Make changes in the DNS Setting from Network Settings. Switch to Automatic IP Address along with a “Do Not Use” option in terms of DHCP Host Name. In the next prompt, choose “Manual” and set the primary and secondary IP address as “” and “”.
  • Reset Network Router
  • Update firmware for the Router

4. Automatic Ejecting Discs/Unable To Eject Discs

Two contrasting issues have been troubling users. While some users couldn’t eject the disc at the front of the console. While the rest of the majority suffered from discs that immediately ejected as soon as inserted. The problem depicts that the rubber that is used to eject upon pressing the button becomes inflated over time due to console overheating. Consult with Gaming console repair Dubai for additional help.


Here’s what you can do:

  • Keep the console placed in a vertical position than a horizontal position. Use a console stand for better usability.
  • If in any case, you are unable to get the disc out, then simply switch off the console. Disconnect cables and use a manual guide to take it out by dismantling the console.

5. Unable to Read Disc

Many times PS4 fails to read a console and usually these issues come with an error code called “CE-35486-6”. This implies that the disc is no longer functional. Another error code similar to this is “CE-34878-0” which implies that the game’s disc is defective for the console to read. To avoid the hassle you can join with Gaming console repair Dubai.


Try these:

  • Reinstall the game from scratch by uninstalling it first.
  • Make sure you’ve updated the console to it’s latest version.
  • Restart the console after backing up your game files.


PS4 common issues can be tricky sometimes. You may need professional help of Gaming console repair Dubai if any of these solutions fail to comply with the issues. They have enough experience to resolve every major to minor issues at the earliest possible.

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