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5 Important Qualities to have to Become A Good Lawyer

Being a lawyer is more than having a degree in legal studies. You need to have the skills that keep you one step ahead and bring the winning edge to your clients. Thus, the top law colleges in Mumbai focus on developing not only the theoretical knowledge of future lawyers but also their real-world professional skills. If you are aspiring to be a successful lawyer, the following are the five qualities that you should have.

1. Communication skills

Lawyers need to have oral articulation, good writing skills, and honed listening abilities. Good public speaking abilities are important to convincingly argue in the courtroom before judges and juries. Speaking and communication skills are developed during your courses by partaking in activities, such as public speaking, debates, and mooting.

Lawyers also need to write concisely, persuasively, and clearly, as they need to produce a number of legal documents. They should listen intently to their clients to understand cases in detail.

2. Sound judgment skills

A lawyer should have the ability to draw logical, reasonable assumptions or conclusions from limited information. You need to have the ability to consider these judgments critically, such that you are able to anticipate potential weaknesses in the argument that can be fortified in time.

Similarly, as a lawyer from the top law college Mumbai, you should have the capacity to spot weaknesses in the opposition’s arguments. Decisiveness is an important aspect of judgment too. You will have to make multiple judgment calls in a short time span, and there will be no scope for waiting and watching.

3. Analytical skills

The practice and study of law involve absorbing immense quantities of information, and then, making it logical and manageable. There will be times when multiple reasonable conclusions will present themselves or multiple ways to resolve a situation. The evaluation skills of a lawyer are important in choosing the most suitable solution.

4. Research skills

Quick and effective research is important to understand the clients and their needs and to prepare legal strategies. Large amounts of data have to be absorbed and comprehended to prepare the strategies that can help in winning even the most complex legal battles.

5. People skills

At the end of the day, a lawyer has to work with people and for people, and every move made by them affects the lives of people. You have to be persuasive and personable, along with an ability to read others. It will help you understand the transparency of witnesses and the reaction of the judges. Moreover, it will let you decide the best approach to be taken for achieving the desired outcome: either continuing the legal battle or going for a mutual settlement. The finest lawyers are made by the qualities they have and the skills that they can bring to the table. The educational institute you choose has a major role to play in instilling these qualities in you, so make sure to choose wisely.

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