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5 Secrets of How to Write a Best-Selling Novel

This cool novel makes it hard for the reader to get away from the book before it reaches the last page. You may have been in that situation. Whether reading Tere Liye’s work or the Harry Potter books.

Why are the novels so in demand and compelling? Of course, because the writer is good, the editor is observant, the publisher is experienced in packaging marketing.

But that’s not all. There are things you may not know yet. There are elements and behind-the-scenes processes that make the novel so compelling. That’s what they – writers, editors, and publishers – do so desperately.

“If you have written a novel before and feel that your work is far from compelling. Or, don’t make you feel confident about publishing yet, try to check some of these important notes about how to make a novel….”

The bestselling novel requires in-depth research

Do you think that all the location settings in those novels have been explored by the author? Not always. Cities like Manhattan, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, etc. are exotic places to write about. However, serious ghostwriters often choose to do in-depth research rather than have to go there.

The research was also carried out to detail the storyline. For example, suppose you want to create a character in the profession of a tissue culture expert. That is, you must first know that tissue culture is a method of reproducing living things using pieces of the living thing.

Now, imagine if that knowledge fell into the hands of bad people. Or the heartache expert – for whatever reason you can come up with – that he creates organisms using that knowledge.

Or, you want to make an exciting story set in the reader’s digest. So, do research on any reader’s digest, whichever is the mall. Connected under what bank building, etc.

Cool, right? Data, knowledge, plus imagination make essays seem very real. Now, that’s the stage in making a novel that you shouldn’t miss.

The character of the character must be really strong, including physical details, the past, life views, preferences, and even revenge

I prefer to use close-up photos when creating characters. I can get the photo easily on the internet. Of course, I chose a figure with the age, facial expression, race, and gender according to my initial image.

Then, I described the photo in great detail. Starting from the hair, eyebrows, lip movements, eyes, body proportions, etc. Coupled with other elements such as how wrinkled his skin is, the way he says yes without making a sound, how to get angry, how to laugh, etc.

Go on in detail. Take at least for the main character and the supporting character. Then arrange them in the table by pasting the photo of the character.

Every time you make up a story in that novel, look at the photo and imagine that it was each of the faces who interacted. Then, you will not lose control of your character.

It will get deeper if you also have prepared the background of the character’s life. It was important to clarify the reasons why he was this and that.

A bestselling novel needs a blueprint that keeps the story under control

Of course, there are magic authors who are able to write without a framework. But not everyone has that magic side.

Outline the writing or blueprint. Start with only a half-page synopsis. It’s important to show cause and effect and where the story will go.

Then make sure the beginning of the story, the introduction of the character, entering into the first conflict, the next conflict, deepening the place and time setting, the character’s struggle, the presence of the antagonist, and the ending.

The blueprint is concise. It can be chapter by chapter although later it can change again. If you have made a blueprint, you can control the pace of the story. In fact, you can do research in a more planned manner. The process of completing the novel is clearer.

That’s a way to make a novel that you must pay attention to.

The sooner it is finished the better

Forge iron while it’s hot!

The novels you form should be written at high speed. This is so that your emotions and the emotions of the characters alike can explode in line.

Cold iron is hard to form, right? Likewise novel essays. You will lose the mood; emotions will fall again. The evil one is confused about what else to be evil. And, the good character is also less excited about pursuing his mission.

So, it is important to set time and deadlines. Don’t think that the longer you write, the more perfect your work will be. The truth is to keep every stage of writing. Starting from the research stage, drafting, revising, and editing.

There must be a critic, he or she is the first reader of the draft of your novel

An evil phrase but it does have a point: the first draft was rubbish!!

Those words are not really good but you must pay attention. Often the author is too engrossed and confined by the process of making a novel. He missed a few things that only came to light after other people read them.

Whether it’s because there is one prolonged scene, inconsistent storytelling speed, forced story twist, or a character suddenly appears in the middle with no clear origin, etc.

Therefore, you must have people more than one good thing who are always the first readers of your novel’s draft. He’s not your fan so you can’t judge objectively. He has a knack for criticism, he is a reader and novelist, and he is confident to share his input. If it’s bad, say where’s the bad.

So, do you want to practice writing novels now? Play it!

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