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6 Cost-Effective Ideas for Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is the backbone of a small startup or business looking to market their products/services. They don’t have an extravagant budget, which makes it hard for them to finance huge campaigns. That is why using online marketing strategies can work in their favour. But not without some assurance!

Even a digital campaign requires a budget, as you need to invest in tools, and hire a staff that knows how to work their magic online, and more. So, if you are looking for some cost-effective digital marketing strategy, you are in the right place.

We have seven strategies that will help you market your brand well, without spending too much money on it.

1. Retargeting advertisements

We do a lot of work to bring traffic to our website, but that isn’t enough to see lead conversion. We need targeted traffic, which implies bringing people who would go buy the product, creating conversions in the process. It also helps you make a profitable ROI for your business.

So, to get targeted traffic, retarget your advertisements. It means, finding the interest, demographic, and so on of your target audience, you re-set the parameters of advertising. It brings the ad in front of the audience you want to, and you get better traffic and leads.

2. Create a branded hashtag and promote it

Create a hashtag for your brand and promote it on every platform you have- social media, business cards, TV ads, and more. It will give visibility to your hashtag, and people will recognize and use it when you use it.

Also, create a hashtag campaign, which means you create an idea and ask people to share images using that idea with your hashtag, and you do the same.

3. Use social media to your advantage

Social media is not just a fun platform. It is a powerful channel that can influence the buying decision of many people. The comments people see on social media, the reviews that they see, the way they see a business interact with their audience, and the number of people the audience see engaging with your content can also impact their buying decision.

So, rethink your social media marketing strategy. It is not only about posting images and appealing to the audience you need to engage people enough for them to take the plunge toward buying your product. A team that can help people find answers to questions that they are looking for.

  • For that, you need a team who knows how to work all social media channels. A team that can:
  • Use online tools like Canva and more to their advantage for creating eye-catching content
  • Experiments with content to find a perfect combination that attracts and engages the audience
  • Uses the right hashtag, captions, and knows what content the audience is looking for.

4. Search customers on forums for building relationships

There are many search and discussion forums on the internet where you can find potential customers. All you need to do is build an account and answer queries or solve issues that people might be facing.

It is a great and cost-effective way of building relationships with customers and marketing your products. Reddit and Quora are fine examples of such forums.

5. Monitor and measure your success

Knowing online strategies for improving your business is working or not is vital. So, use tools to measure the strategies. Monitoring your conversion rates, increase in traffic, decrease in bounce rate will all help you fix any problem that the strategy might have.

6. YouTube marketing

YouTube is a free channel with an amazing reach. You need to invest in a good camera, a tripod, and a person who can edit the video beautifully and you will get mind-blowing benefits from this platform. Use Ahrefs to find the keywords that people are using to search for products similar to yours. Now, when you know what questions people have, try making a video on it.

For instance, if you are a content creating firm, you can create a video about the best tips to remember while writing a headline. A lot of people will see it as videos are short and more informative. Work on the aesthetic of your channel, like the banner or a thumbnail to attract more people. Use Canva to design YouTube thumbnails in minutes, it’s free. These strategies are simple and cost-effective. For better results, having a little breathing room in your budget is necessary. But other than that, these will work for any business irrespective of its size.

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