6 Magnificent Places to Include in Your Dubai Holiday Itinerary

Dubai is one of the ultimate destinations in the world for a luxurious and adventurous holiday from India. There are great activities and places in Dubai to Explore. It is the land of skyscrapers, magnificent buildings, big amusement parks, beautiful beaches, and many more. You can engage in several activities such as desert safari, ice skating, sightseeing, beaches, shopping, bungee jumping, etc. And to enjoy your tour and explore these all activities, you must be known about the best places to visit in Dubai. So, here let us go through some of the magnificent places in Dubai to include in your tour itinerary.

You can include all the places that will be listed here in your Dubai tour itinerary. Although generally, all the Dubai tour packages from India do include these particular places in their itinerary.

Burj Khalifa

The first magnificent place that comes in the list of places in Dubai is Burj Khalifa. The first and the most known fact about this skyscraper is that it is the world’s tallest building. The length of this tallest building is 828m. It includes all the major activities such as luxurious restaurants, residences, and swimming pools.

The interior architecture of the building is very appealing. Burj Khalifa also has the most significant fountain in Dubai, which has 6,600 lights and animations made by water. You can also have an amazing view of Dubai city from the 127th floor of the Burj Khalifa, which is the best Sightseeing point in the City.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

The next most pleasing place in Dubai where you must go is the beautiful Dubai Aquarium and the underwater Zoo. This magnificent Aquarium is on the third floor of the Dubai Mall. You will get a chance to witness 33,000 animals and other water creatures in this Aquarium. The significant animals you can view in this Aquarium are jellyfish, sharks, dolphins, starfish, sea horses, penguins, etc. You can also see the world’s largest reptile over here, i.e. King Croc.

You will be amazed to see the glass aquarium right above your head. Yes, you heard it right, you will get a chance to go for a glass-bottom ride to the Aquarium. So, enjoy the view of the Glass Bottom Ride and make sure to get some pictures clicked of this beautiful view. This place is perfect to view aquatic life very closely. Also, the glass aquarium situated here is one of the largest glass aquariums present in the world.

Burj Al Arab

The most luxurious and aesthetic place that you must include in Dubai tour from India is Burj Al Arab. This is a 7- starred hotel that gives you the most luxurious and royal treatment in the whole world. This place refers as the most luxurious hotel in Dubai also the best place to visit in Dubai. The building accommodates all the most required services by travelers in general. It owns a private beach, clubs for kids, nine restaurants, a world-class spa, a personal butler, and many more. Staying in this luxurious place also provides complimentary access to the Jumeirah beach and the Wadi waterpark.

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is one of the commonly attended places in Dubai and one of the world’s best beaches. This is mainly a white sand beach with an excellent view and the best hotels situated nearby. The availability of several world-class hotels nearby has made it more crowded. The place is ideal for a sunny day spent on the beach, swimming and walking by side.

The Jumeirah beach is also best known for the kid parks that are present here. Apart from it, this place is a famous spot for a picnic. The residential area of this Jumeirah Beach has around 40 beautiful towers.

Ferrari World

In the list of best places to visit in Dubai, Ferrari world has made its place because of the adventurous and thrilling experience one can get from here. Ferrari World is a man-made amusement park which is situated on the Yas Island of Dubai. This amusement park is full of different kinds of rides and activities to do. Even one day will not be enough for you to explore all the passages of this amusement park.

This Ferrari-themed park has numerous rides and activities, but the most preferred ones are 4D Fantasy journey, go-cart race, advanced simulators, G-Force roller coasters, etc. The fun fact about this amusement park is that it has one of the world’s largest roller coasters. The other unique activities you must include in your visit to Ferrari world are Galleria Ferrari, Formula Rossa, and Turbo Track.

Dubai Ice Rink

Dubai is a place with hot climatic conditions, so if you want to get some chilled experience, then Dubai Ice Rik is the place for you. This amazing place is situated in the Dubai Mall itself. You can enjoy skating here. Even if you don’t know to skate, you can instantly book a coach who will guide you to skate.

There are several instruments related to ice skating available over here. The children are also especially guides and rained here for skating. If you arrive here during the game seasons, you can also enjoy the Ice hockey league.

Therefore, the list of the best places to visit in Dubai does not end up here. Numerous places in Dubai must be explored, including this prominent one. These magnificent places are what make your tour to Dubai much exciting and memorable. So, at last, make sure to add up these destinations to your Dubai tour itinerary. And for the same book the best tour packages to Dubai from India or you can directly refer to the Roaming Routes which provides the best packages for Dubai tour.

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