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6 Reasons Why You Should Properly Manage The Trees In Your Property

Trees provide a lot of good benefits to the environment and humans. Some important things that trees do are filtering the air, increasing the shade, and protecting us from bad weather. They also add value to your property and make it look better.

Managing the trees in your property or yard is a very important task you need to do once in a while. Of course, you can call for help if it’s too much work especially when you have to remove an entire tree.

However, it doesn’t always have to be that way. When you consult an arborist, although they may specialise in dealing with larger trees, they can also help you in pruning and lopping the trees.

Tree pruning is the removal of selective branches to increase the quality and prevent the spreading of disease. Meanwhile, lopping is the cutting of the branches to modify and reduce the size of the trees.


Unfortunately, if the only option is to remove the tree, then you’ll have to plant another for the best results. If you’re still not convinced on why you should manage the trees on your property, just keep on reading!

1. To have healthier trees and plants

As mentioned before, in taking care of trees, it doesn’t always have to resort to tree removal. You can contact your local arborist to help you prune or lop if you can’t do it on your own.

If the trees in your area are often lopped, you’ll notice the changes, if any. Moreover, you’ll be aware of their current condition and length. That way, unnecessary situations such as an overcrowded side can be avoided.

Similarly, when you plant trees, make sure to leave enough space for growth. Although, you can place plants that won’t grow much near the trees.

2. To have better shade

Humans benefit a lot from the shade provided by trees. Whether it’s sunny or raining, their branches and leaves can protect us. Therefore, it’s necessary to organise the trees in a way that they can provide shade and protection.

Fortunately, shades from trees are not just for the benefit of humans but also small plants. Imagine how small plants can drown when there’s a typhoon and the rain won’t stop. Through the help of trees, the small plant can survive because the impact of the rain will not be too harsh since the leaves and branches are there to protect them.

3. To lessen the risk of accidents

Imagine a branch of a tree falls onto your head, or the entire tree collapses and ruins your car. These things can happen if trees are not well-taken care of. Usually, similar accidents happen when there are calamities in your area so it’s better to be prepared.

Preparing the trees around you will not just protect you and your family, but also others who live near your place. You must address the problems sooner to make your property safe and livable.

4. To decrease the spread of diseases

The best way to prevent the spreading of diseases from trees is to check them regularly. Any signs of potential disease can be noticeable at the early stage, so it’s best if you consult your arborist as soon as possible. It’s better to prune the parts that are affected by the disease. If not, the disease will scatter throughout the tree, and there’s a possibility that it’ll die.

Afterward, a dead tree can continue to spread the disease to other plants and trees. However, you can still save your landscape if the tree that died from the disease will be removed immediately.

5. To decrease the possibility of attracting pests

Just like diseases, trees are also prone to attracting pests, especially the damaged and dead ones. Dead trees are susceptible to invasive species and other common animals like termites and rats respectively. Although they enjoy living in dead trees, they will likely invade other healthy ones as well.

When you protect your yards from these unwanted species, you’re also protecting your house from them. The best thing you can do is to regularly check the status of the trees around you.

6. To avoid the decrease of property value

A good-looking property calls for a higher value. Meanwhile, if your lawn has dead trees or unorganised branches, you may lose a significant amount of money. More importantly, it’s nice to look at well-maintained property because people will know how you care for yourself and others.

If you put enough time and effort into maintaining your property, you’ll gain a lot of positive effects in the long run.

Now that you know enough about why you should take care of the plants and trees on your property, you should set a schedule so that you’ll never forget about them. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

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