6 Useful Tips To Increase Lifespan of Your Commuter Motorcycle

Owing a motorcycle of your choice does not just mean riding it towards a particular choice of destination. It’s more about taking care of its engine, physical condition, and overall outlook. Like any other motorcyclist, you want to make sure that your bike lasts for a long duration of time. And, to make it happen, you should follow certain ways to improve the running condition of your motorcycle.

No matter, be it like you have decided to buy bike spare parts online for a necessary replacement, add a required accessory, or perform regular servicing. All these means are essential to increase the lifespan of the bike and sure to offer you a seamless riding experience ahead.

So, here in this blog, we will be sharing six useful tips to increase the life of your entry-level bike to an optimum extent.

1. Break in the motorcycle first

If you are thinking of buying a brand new commuter motorcycle of your choice, then you should break in its performance during the initial days of riding. Just like it’s simple nowadays to buy online bikes, similarly, digitally you will find the required information related to the following:

  • At how much speed you should ride your bike before first servicing?
  • How much petrol should be filled inside the tank?
  • What things to prevent while riding an entry-level bike in jam-packed city areas?
  • How not get aggressive with the acceleration?
  • How to acquire more mileage from the commuter bike?

So, during the initial days of buying a new motorcycle, you should take care of the above-mentioned points. If you follow the same carefully, then surely you will increase the life of the motorcycle.

2. Ride according to the guidelines

Another important thing to keep in mind is the way you ride a bike within the city limit. You should properly ride during jam-packed traffic conditions, know how to cross narrow lanes and small gaps, and even know how to ride on empty roads. Don’t be too harsh on the acceleration and engine, just for the purpose of acquiring more power and end up breaking the parts. Therefore, it is of crucial concern on your part to keep the speed limit minimal and ensure safety while riding.

3. Wash the bike regularly

Keeping your bike clean with regular washing is an additional step to increasing its running life. At times, regular riding can make dirt, dust, and greasy substances stick to your bike parts and accumulate with time. In a day, such dirt can prevent the engine from performing at the required level. For instance, a clogged air filter due to accumulated dust prevents clean air from entering the engine. As a result, the bike offers degraded mileage efficiency. So, make sure to clean and even wash the bike every two weeks to improve riding capacity and overall lifespan.

4. Lubricate the chain during servicing

An essential part of motorcycle maintenance is regularly lubricating the chain with high-quality lubricant. As you already know, a chain system assures hassle-free movement of wheels that impact the riding condition. However, the clogged chain system fail to make the wheels run at proper speed. As a result of this, you feel unusual running pressure. So, it is essential that chain should be cleaned and well-lubricated with high-quality product.

5. Replace the air filter

Like, we have already talked about the clogged air filter that can directly impact a motorcycle’s mileage. Concerning the same, you might find the need to completely replace the air filter with a new one. During the service, ask the automobile expert to change the air filter and then you shall calculate the fuel efficiency.

6. Charge up the battery

Changing your bike’s battery is not the only solution left to maintain the required electric charge. Sometimes, you find it important to repair and charge the battery to maintain the electric current. As you already know, the battery is an important component of your bike that helps all the electrical functions work well. So, as part of the maintenance step, you must charge up the battery, remove rust, and perform other maintenance tasks.


Increasing the life of your existing motorcycle is no longer a difficult task. With having the right tips and tricks, you can enhance your ride and increase the running condition of your motorcycle. As an important step to increase the life of the bike by adding new spare parts, you shall start buying high-quality parts online without going anywhere else. Just like Hero bike and scooter owners prefer to buy branded and genuine spare parts and online accessories at a reliable platform of eShop Hero Motocorp. It’s an eCommerce website where you find an extensive range of accessories and spare parts at cost-effective prices.

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