7 Most Beautiful Places on Earth

Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica

Antarctica feels another world. It is devoid of human life, with almost horrible nothingness in places – no man-made buildings, no power lines, no aircraft flying nor any lights. Simultaneously, it tees up with natural life, summoning the fur seal beneath the surface, calling on its companions in the cacophony of sounds from the penguin, who await their next meal. Against the backdrop of towering mountains, with gloriously blue glaciers, and an unexpected sky – I have yet to find anywhere else on Earth that can compare.

Grenada, Spain

Like all cities in Andalusia, Grenada is special. The architecture, food, and people all make for a memorable trip. But the real gem in Grenada is the Alhambra. Climb the steep, thin streets of the Albezin neighborhood to the Mirador de San Nicolas and watch the sunrise above the Alhambra.

South Island, New Zealand

‘Wow,’ I said as we spread a curve and a rhinestone lake in front of us. Minutes Wow, that echoes a few minutes later, because the late-morning sun gave a bright glow to the snow-capped mountains. Glaciers, fjords, beaches – the South Island is all this, and it’s all amazing.

Krka National Park, Croatia

When you navigate the forest on high wooden paths, the rivers and streams below you cross the ground. The entire journey is in a deep state, only in its own footsteps and interrupted by the sounds of water and birds. Finally, at the end of the stroll, you are welcomed to a picnic ground surrounded by a tier of beautiful waterfalls. The views were stunning and on the way out, I got to visit a family of wild kittens – so it was probably the best season ever.

Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada

I spent only two days there, but also because it topped my list in a short time. This photo was taken after a short flight from Vancouver Island to the small forest lodge at Nimmo Bay. It was an intoxicating stain of the growth of dense temperate rainforest, so still, my kayak floated above the clouds, and waterfalls flowed that swept the rainforest into the sea.

Haputale Tea Country, Sri Lanka

To me, that paradox always keeps Sri Lankan tea country in mind. I rode a rake it train to Haputale in the monsoon-season rains, Smelling through the slopes of the veranda and misty gorges made it even more of a dream. As postcard-Esque viaducts and nine arch bridges along the way were not enough, meeting the local tea-bearers of Haputale in the Cloud Forest is certainly a sea.

It was situated at an elevation of 7,000 ft above the ground. From the foothills of the Agartapattan plantation, I was awash with thoughts, which were only growing more like dreams as we climbed to the extreme to enjoy several fresh cups of tea, bread. And served with sweets, sometimes covering the cloud to appear. The greenery rolling down the miles. This is the closest to walking in the pages of Dr. Cess’s Book and staying awhile.

Teopron National Park, Colombia

It is rare to find the true meaning of unexpected beauty. And when you do this, it is often far from the far, beaten path. But you will usually find that it is the discovery that makes the final destination worth it, and so is the case with Teopon National Park in Colombia. The journey here makes you feel as if you are on your journey of youth quest in Lord of the Flies.

Where the Sierra Nevada foothills sit on the Caribbean coast kissing hours from the vibrant city of Cartagena and miles of coastline. Find relaxation in secluded coves and lagoons, or take a tour of the ancient Tironan ruins in the rainforest. To get here, find the beach town of Santa Marta and then make your way through the bus to the jungle. There are plenty of hidden retreats and treehouses to stay, where swings swing in the air awaiting you.

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