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7 Secrets of A Product Video That Sells in E-commerce

If you are reading this article, it is because you are already convinced that a product video is an excellent lever to increase the sales of your online business. And you are not alone: 97% of marketers say that video helps clarify the understanding of their products by users and 81% say that it directly impacts increasing their sales, revealing Hubspot’s latest study.

On the other hand, while most videos increase conversions on a merchant site, some do not affect the transformation. Others can even have a negative effect. The reason? Not all videos are good to show. This article will give you the keys to create a product video that sells in e-commerce. By analyzing the videos embedded on e-commerce sites, we identified 7 qualities common to videos that positively impact sales.

Tips for making a product video

1. A good product video must tell a story

Consumers love stories and even more when they are told on video. A good story engages audiences emotionally. She creates empathy with the interlocutor. Medical imaging tests have shown that certain cortex areas activate when a subject listens to a story. The brain responds to recounted events as if the subject were living the story itself.

2. A good product video must be qualitative

A good product video must be neat, both in terms of image and sound. And to do this, no need to recruit a film crew: today, it is very easy to shoot professional-quality videos with your smartphone!

3. A product video must answer users’ questions

First of all, a good product video must allow the consumer to observe the product from 360 °, from all angles, as he could do in a store. A video also allows a demonstration of the product in real conditions of use. This will enable you to review key product features to maximize consumer understanding and remove doubts and questions.

Remember to list, upstream, the characteristics of the product you want to present to be sure to reassure your consumers with a detailed product review. And if you lack inspiration, do not hesitate to consult the questions asked by the buyers in the comments, via the after-sales service, on forums or social media. These are the best metrics to make sure you’re creating a relevant and informative video.

4. A good product video must be optimized for search engines

To maximize the visibility and conversion of your product sheets, they must be optimized to go up in search engines. A web page containing a video is 53% more likely to appear on the first page of Google results.

So to take advantage of this side effect of the video, here are a few tips to apply:

  • Optimize the title of your video by using conversational keywords such as“how to install a box,” which product to choose for….”Think about what your customers are looking for when they go to Google.
  • Do not neglect the description and the meta description: they contain the main keywords to reference your video.
  • Don’t forget the tags: they allow Google to understand the subject of your video and the information it contains.
  • Insert links to your site and/or your social networks.
  • Multiply the“Call to action” in your video: “add to cart,” receive a demo,”
  • Integrate the transcript on your page: one of the most important and often overlooked points. The subtitle file is a gold mine of keywords and it would be a shame not to take advantage of it to attract Google robots.

5. A good product video must have subtitles

The subtitles precisely, let’s talk about it! 85% of videos on Facebook are viewed without sound. And on e-commerce sites, some videos in the carousel can be launched without sound to disturb the Internet user during his visit.

It has become essential to have auto-play captions to maximize engagement with your audiences: 30% of consumers are more likely to turn on audio to watch a video if it has captions.

6. A product video must have CTAs

Finally, a good product video is a video that converts. To maximize the clicks on your“call to action,” it is advisable to place them in the middle and end of the video. Therefore, the length of your videos is important: 85% of the audience will watch a 30-second video until the end.

This figure drops to 70% for a 2-minute video. And above 2 minutes, only 50% of viewers will watch the video to the end. Hence the importance of placing your CTAs at the right time depending on the length of your video!

To maximize the views of your video and convert, you must therefore respect the KISS method: Keep It Short & Simple. Take care of the first 10 seconds of your video, which are essential to capture the user’s attention and make your content accessible to as many people as possible.

7. A good product video is authentic

96% of consumers trust other consumers to advise them in their purchasing process. The authenticity of the opinions left on your product sheets is therefore essential. Moreover, 85% of Internet users trust their peers more than content posted directly by brands.

Publishing consumer videos on product sheets makes it possible to humanize a brand and reassure future customers by answering their questions before purchasing. You can also make an infographic video to display the data about your company or product. What’s more, A/B tests have shown that a customer video published on a product sheet can increase the conversion rate by 57% versus a page that does not present one.


In short, if you are thinking of putting a video on your e-commerce site to increase your sales, remember these 7 essentials of a product video that converts.


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