7 Tips To Care For Your Fresh Flowers

Freshly cut flowers are the best when it comes to beautifying your house as well as offering someone your best wishes. Different flowers remind people of different occasions or events and help to refresh the mind and spirit. But keeping the blooms as fresh for days may be a little difficult because being soft they tend to wither easily. The blooms when purchased from online flower delivery remain tied together with string or a tying band or sometimes even packed in cellophane. While keeping the bunch in the vase remove the sheet. This lets the flowers breathe. There are some tips, let’s read them out.

Buy the fresh one-

For long-running fresh blossoms, it is essential to buy fresh ones. Don’t go for the squishy and soft flowers because they may have been in the store for a few days. Pick the former ones or those that have been kept in cooler areas or refrigerators. Flowers serve more when they remain fresh. And they kept long only when kept away from the sun and in cooler places or water buckets. You can also cover the base of the branches in moist papers while bringing them from the florists.

Add preservatives-

By adding artificial nutrients or flower preservatives in your water vase, this may keep your bloom fresh and lengthen the life of every cut flower. The powder preservatives or flower food contains sugar which feeds your flowers. It also acts as an acid that lowers down the PH of your water solution. This mixture gets purified and can eliminate the germs and bacteria that may clog your flower’s stem. Flower food or preservatives should be added to extend the life of your blossom arrangement. You may buy this from your florist or order flower online.

Trim the flower-

Inspect the fresh flowers once you are home and remove all the withered petals and leaves that will go under the water once they are in the vase. Afterward, trim the stems by cutting them in a slanting direction which helps to expose the maximum area of the stalk to the water. Replace the water in the vase regularly and try to trim a bit of the stem daily. While cutting the blooms use a knife instead of a scissor because it does not squish the stems.

Place flower in the water-

A typical flower lifespan after being cut is between 8 and 10 days. To maximize this time you can cut the white part of the stem at the bottom. You should do things underwater. Then place the blooms in a vase of cool water in place of the vase in a cool place in the house. To preserve the color of the flowers you can add a coin to the water in the vase. A flower stem usually turns toward the light so it is a good idea to wrap the flower in paper or place it in an opaque vase filled with water.

Remove dead leaves-

Before placing the blossoms in the container, trim all the leaves that may be lowered in the water. Leaves tend to rot when submerged and when these leaves decay, they poison the water and abbreviate the life of your blossoms. Arrange the blossoms in any capacity you want, yet ensure you don’t pack the vase. If the bouquet is excessively huge or the arrangement appears to be excessively tight, partition them into two and place them in different jars.

Use clean vase to store flowers-

Use a vessel that has been washed with hot water and soap and doesn’t forget to rinse it well. The growth of microorganisms is unhealthy for the flowers and will make them wilt faster. Since cut flowers do not get the necessary nutrients it is necessary to use packets of flower food in the vessel water. For maintaining the water pure and microorganisms at bay add a small bit of bleach to it.

Remember too much will harm fresh flowers. If you don’t want to use chemicals, try putting a penny and an aspirin tablet in it. The copper does the work of a fungicide while the aspirin turns the water acidic. Lemon-lime soda also works in the same way and you can try that. Spraying a bit of water on the leaves also helps in remaining them fresh. The blossoms stay fresh in cooler temperatures so try to move the vase near the window in the evening and away from the sun during the day.

Prune them

If you have decided to grow your flowers you should prune them to remove the dead parts to maintain blooms in good shape. You can prune them throughout the year to make sure that they do not look overgrown. Most flowers will lose their bloom during the winter but will still get a new one when the booming season comes.

Caring for flowers needs commitment and time. You also need skills and basic knowledge in caring for flowers so that you will have the patience that will get you through as you dedicate yourself to the task of tending your prized flower. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing these beautiful flowers on your table or as gifts you can order flowers through online flower delivery in Mumbai for others.

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