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7 Tips To Do Make Up While Wearing The Face Mask

The entire world is adopting the face mask as a normal thing in our regular wear. Most women are looking for different ways to do makeup that looks amazing with the face cover masks.

Most women are considering that putting on makeup while wearing the face mask is not of any use. But, this not true! Even when you put on your face cover mask, half of your face is visible.

Therefore, you should look out for different techniques to make your face look attractive even with the face masks. The custom face mask is imperative while doing makeup with your mask on.,

The pattern and style of your face mask also play a vital role in your makeup. So, while choosing your face cover mask, you should look out for different styles that will go well with your makeup. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips to do regular makeup while putting your mask on:

Apply Hydrating Face Moisturizer

Wearing a face mask for a long period of time can lead to skin irritation due to the induced friction. In order to deal with the problem, you should apply a heavy moisturizer on your face.

The moisturizer will form a protective layer to prevent your skin from irritation. The moisturizer layer will form a slip so that mask edges’ do not irritate your skin.

Use Non-Comedogenic Foundation

You should apply the layer of foundation on your face along with the sunscreen. Make sure that the layer of foundation should be thin. Otherwise, your foundation will smudge and stick to your mask.

There are different types of foundation cream are available in the market and you can choose the right one as per your skin tone.

After forming a layer of foundation, you should apply the concealer only where it is required. As you are going to wear the mask, therefore the upper half of your face would be clearly visible. Thus, you should pay special attention to under eyes. It is recommended that you should apply the light concealer.

Primer Layer And Setting Powder

After applying the layer of foundation, the next step is using the good primer and face powder. The primer and face powder helps in preventing your makeup from smudge under your face cover mask.

The layer of primer will set with your makeup and hold it for a long time. Thus, the primer layers will let you be worry-free for your makeup.

Shimmery Eye Shadows

It is clear that your eyes would be clearly visible while putting on your face cover mask. Therefore, your makeup should be focused on your eyes. If you want to show your makeup to other people while putting on your face mask, then do experiment with your eyes.

You should do the eye makeup in such a way that you can draw the attention of people to your eyes. Applying the shimmery shadow is one of the best ways to highlight your makeup. You should finish your eye makeup with the touch of the highlighter.

Lip Balm & Stylish Mask

If you are going to put your mask on, then you do not need to apply the lipstick because it is not going to be visible. Therefore, applying lip balm is enough. Your face mask plays a vital role in your makeup.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose the right pattern of your face mask. Make sure that the style of your face mask is matching with your makeup. You cancustomize your own face maskand make it match with your makeup.

Pay Attention To The Brows

Even your brows can make your face attractive while you are wearing the face cover mask. You should take a few minutes and groom your brows. The groomed brows will give you a more put-together face appearance.

You should start with plucking the stray hair and then apply the gel. Finally, fill the sparse area with the brow pencil.

Apply Mascara And Curl Your Lashes

Applying heavy eye-line is one of the best ways to uplift your eye makeup. The main objective of applying the mascara is to open up your eye even when you are wearing a face mask.

It is also recommended to avoid liner and use mascara properly. You should always start with curling. Always make sure to start by curling your lashes.

After that, you should apply several layers of dark black mascara. You should take care while applying the mascara and make sure to build up the lash line.

The mascara will give your eyes a definition and you do not need to apply the liner. It is recommended that you should apply the additional layer on the center lashes. The additional layer will increase the volume of your lashes.

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