7 Windows Driver Issues and their Solutions

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fix windows driver issues

Our pc does most of its work with the help of its driver. A driver is one of the most important parts of a PC, it does a lot of work in a computer system. Driver always has pressure on itself because it does a lot of work, a driver which is not updated can give you a headache because it can make your computer almost useless. An outdated driver can make your system slow, lethargic, and lazy. Here 7 Windows Driver Issues and their Solutions are mentioned

Printer Driver Issue

Many users have complained that their printer is not working properly. This problem does not relate to the printer’s company whether it is HP, CANON, SAMSUNG, or any other brand. There is a chance that this problem might be because of an outdated driver.

Solution:- You can update your driver with the latest update or you can call the respective customer support of your printer.

Audio Driver Issue

Users have complained about many audio-related issues that can be because of outdated audio drivers. Audio driver issue can be detected because it shows various errors such as-

  • MIDI doesn’t support.
  • Face problems while playing the audio files properly.

Solution:- To resolve audio driver issue users can update old drivers into the most recent ones or detect the broken and hidden drivers. Apart from update the outdated drivers, the user can reinstall the drivers. For re-installing, the audio drivers follow these ways-

  • Search for device manager in the search box and press enter.
  • And now, swipe-down and select sound, video and game controllers.
  • Now, right-click on sound, video, and game controllers listing and select uninstall device.
  • Now, select delete the driver for this device and click on uninstall.
  • Now, restart your system.
  • Once your system restarts it automatically notify you to re-install audio drivers.

USB Driver Issue

Another problem that can arise due to having an outdated driver is – USB Driver Issue. However, this problem is very general but due to this issue, many errors can occur and hinders our actions. So, to get over from this issue users need to update the old and corrupt USB drivers into the most recent ones. Most common errors can occur due to USB drivers are-

  • USB equipment not identified
  • Unable to work properly and efficiently.
  • Unable to initialize the device driver.
  • Configuration error.
  • USB port not working properly.

Solutions:- To resolve this issue must update the device drivers. After, updating the device drivers still the problem is not solved then re-install the device drivers.

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Connection Problem

If you have an outdated driver then it can begin to mess with your connections. It can make your computers Bluetooth unstable and useless. You may not be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network which may be troublesome.

Solution- Try updating your drivers or you may contact a computer repairer for your problem.

NVIDIA Driver Issue

After, updating windows many users are complaining that they are encountering problems related to NVIDIA’s graphic drivers which are causing many graphic related problems. Such as lagging, slow processing speed, etc.

Solution- Don’t encourage automatic driver updater and stick to old, reliable drivers. Delete all NVIDIA processes and other processes that are related to this. You should update NVIDIA’s graphic driver.

Game Related Issues

If you ever played games in your PC then there is a chance that you may have encountered frequent failures, lagging, crashing, and many more. This may be because of outdated drivers. Gaming consoles may have been causing trouble in getting connected or mouse not getting connected and so on.

Solution- Try improving your computer’s graphic quality or updating your driver to the latest versions available. You may also use the best driver updater tools to update and detect the outdated and hidden drivers.

AMD Driver Issue

If you are using windows 10 and you have updated your AMD and GPU there is a chance that you may have reported sudden crashes while booting your computer, while playing games, during the installation of programs. There may be a chance that you are encountering these problems because your AMD driver may have been corrupted while you are updating them.

Solution-  These are the three ways of how you can get rid of your problems-

  • Start using older versions of AMD drivers.
  • Re-install AMD drivers.
  • Eradicate all the browser extensions.

Drivers can improve your system’s performance level or can decrease your system’s performance. If you choose to update outdated drivers into the most recent ones then it will enhance the execution of your system. On the other hand, outdated, hidden, or corrupt drivers can create many problems and interrupt your undertakings. Therefore, always pick to update outdated drivers frequently, You may also use any trusted driver updater tool. Here, I suggest you give a try to the Quick Driver Updater tool. Its latest technology can help you to resolve the driver issues.

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