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9 Reasons to Get Invisalign That Has Nothing to Do With Looks

The desire for a perfect smile is not always about beauty. More times than we know, there are several other reasons why people decide to get Invisalign in London, besides the apparent reason of having a perfect smile. Invisalign is such a powerful product that should be seen as more than a beauty product. Here are 9 reasons to get Invisalign that has nothing to do with physical looks.

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  • Correct Positioning Of Both Upper And Lower Jaws

    When the upper and lower jaws are positioned correctly, there would be no problem with closing and opening the mouth. Misaligned jaws do not only make chewing and other mouth activities difficult; they slowly deteriorate the jaws, causing pain. When Invisalign comes into play, the jaws are pulled or pushed back to their correct position, making chewing and other forms of dental activities easier, thereby preventing future dental problems.
  • Improved Bone Structure And Positioning

    In most cases, when a patient has a dental problem such as misaligned jaws, crooked teeth, or any other dental flaw, the issue also affects the bone underneath. Invisalign corrects dental deficiencies, which in turn fixes the bone position affected by the dental problem. The bone architecture if not correctly positioned, can lead to further, painful complications.
  • Prevention Or Correction Of Food Impaction

    In a mouth with misaligned teeth, there is always the tendency of food to be stuck between the teeth at every meal. These food particles remain there unless the mouth is brushed or flossed. When food particles are left in the teeth for too long, bacteria sets in, and this can lead to gum and teeth problems later on. Also, there is usually a recession of the gums, and this is noticed by a dull, throbbing pain in the gums.

    With the help of Invisalign, the teeth are straightened, making it easier to brush and floss. Also, with straight teeth, there is practically little or nothing to worry about when it comes to oral health.
  • Shorter Visits To The Dentist Or Hygienist

    When your teeth are in perfect condition and position, you will find them easier to clean and maintain. This means your visits to the dentist will be shorter as there would be no underlying problems to worry about. You would probably have to visit the dentist only for routine checkups.
  • A Good Bite

    Your smile is usually the first thing people notice about you. Having that perfect smile brings with it a level of confidence and satisfaction. When you decide to have Invisalign, you are not just setting yourself up for an ideal smile; you are also ensuring a well-balanced set of dentition. A good bite is not just for the looks; it guarantees the state of your dental health.
  • Better Digestion

    Digestion begins in the mouth with proper chewing and mastication. When the food gets to the stomach, all the nutrients are absorbed into the body. When food is not chewed properly, the system can’t absorb all the nutrients it needs. Not chewing food properly usually arises from the state of the teeth. With Invisalign braces, your misaligned teeth will be straightened, and chewing of food will no longer be a chore. Better digestion will be guaranteed through the proper breakdown of food.
  • Fixing Of Face, Jaw And Neck Pain

    Besides the discomfort felt with misaligned teeth and the problem with appearance, misaligned teeth can cause neck, jaw, and even facial pain. Teeth grinding or bruxism, which is a result of misaligned teeth is one of the major causes of pain or soreness in the facial muscles, jaws, and neck. This problem can be fixed with Invisalign. This will correct the problem of misaligned teeth, and subsequently, teeth grinding, causing relief from pain.
  • Improvement Of Speech And Phonetics

    People with dental flaws often have speech or pronunciation difficulty. A good example is people who speak with a lisp. A person with an open bite, overbite, or misaligned teeth can have problems pronouncing certain words or even speak with a whistle. With the help of Invisalign, the position of your teeth will be fixed, and speech problems and even lisps can be corrected.
  • Protective Gear

    Apart from the functions mentioned above, Invisalign also serves as a protective gear. You get to protect your mouth during sporting events, and also keep your teeth in perfect condition. In all, the benefits of getting Invisalign braces cannot be overemphasized.

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