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A Guide To Instagram Reels That Every Marketers Need

For the last two years, two apps used mainly by the younger millennials and Z generation were TikTok and Instagram.

Instagram has acquired over a billion users active since its debut, but TikTok gains above a billion install globally within 17 months of its launch. Both platforms have environmental factors and substantial benefits. Instagram’s visual feature allows every user on the platform to see stories, videos, live streams, and images from their accounts. Still, TikTok allows its users to see endless short-term entertaining video content.

Last year, countries like India banned TikTok due to privacy terms; Instagram introduced video and audio editing features like TikTok. These new features, accessed in the Instagram story section, have been dubbed Instagram reels.

Introduction To Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are features where users can create video content and upload three to fifteen seconds of video content to add effects and edit before sharing.

Apart from allowing users to create video contents with audio and sound overlays, the editor and reels camera also adds the following features:

Editing tools: It includes the transitions, reality effects, and ability to speed down or speed up videos.

Stitchable takes: It lets the user upload video content in one long take or combine many quick variations.

Audio attribution: If a user posts audio, other users on the platform could use it in their videos where the app gives credit to the original creator’s account.

Shareability on Instagram Stories, Feed, Explore, and your Profile: Based on your profile’s privacy settings, you could share your reels with friends on your profile, stories, or publicly in the reels section.

Only Mobile: Unlike stories and profiles on Instagram, you cannot upload or view any reels on a desktop.

As of now, ads are not allowed in the reels section. But reels show up in the app’s public part and are seen by every person who also didn’t follow your brand. It brings your business or brand an excellent opportunity to gain new targeted audiences worldwide.

Why Reels Introduced On Instagram?

The main objective of the platform is to provide more content creation opportunities to their valuable users. It helps the user record or creates short-term entertaining, educational, how-to, exciting video content on Instagram. The video content is up to 15 seconds that you could share publicly or only to your friend lists on Instagram.

How Brands Using Reels

Emmy Mae Bridal

Beauty and fashion are great for reels. The brand provides imagery and videos of their wedding scenes with classy music in Emmy Mae’s reels.

Earth Official

The travel sectors are also getting to the Instagram reels to reach their targeted audience. Here, the travel sector Earth Official shares reels about travel content, influencers, and deals.

How To Use Reels On Instagram

Enter Reels Mode

Launch your Instagram app, and open the camera on Instagram stories. Now, click reels to get started with the Instagram reels.

Try Out Editing Tools

After and before you make footage using the reels camera, you can see four editing tools on your camera screen’s left side. The tool has:

Playback Speed: It allows you to speed down or speed up your content.

Sound: It helps you attach reel’s trending song or pre-recorded music from other accounts to your content.

Effects: The icon emerges like an emoji makes you attach filter effects and stickers to your video contents. These filter effects are similar to the stories on Instagram.

Timer: You could use this option to set up a specific time to create your video content. When you click the record option, a three seconds countdown appears on your screen before recording reels. Thus, reels automatically start recording for the particular time that you have designated.

Hold Record To Begin Filming

You can start recording a clip once you hold down the record option. If you left the record button, but you have time in your reel video, you could press the record option again to begin a second clip that starts quickly after the first one ends.

If you film two or more clips for your reel, there’s a progress bar at the screen’s top that shows you the time left for your reel to record. If you filmed perfect video content already, you could upload it from your camera roll by clicking the camera icon.

Add Effects At Last-Minute

If you didn’t attach any effects before the video content started recording, you could add drawings, texts, and stickers to your Instagram reels before uploading.

When you are completed with your reel recording, click the arrow option at the bottom to publish. Also, these effects are similar to the Instagram stories.

Get Ready To Publish Reel

When you have clicked the arrow option, you will be taken to the post screen, where you can choose your cover picture, add hashtags, write exciting captions, and upload your stunning video content to reels. Posting engaging content consistently increases your Instagram reels views count which uplifts your content reach and new followers. Sharing your reels quickly after getting published with your friend circled gives you more new views organically to your Instagram reels.

View Reels

After uploading your reels, you can see them in your profile tab and on the explore page.

Share Reels

You could also post a reel to your feed, which helps appear your reels on the profile grid. Send your reels through direct messages, and also, you can share your Instagram stories. Unlike profile grids and reels, the reels on Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours from posting.

Analyze Reel Performance

You can view the post itself to analyze reel insights. But there is no way to view your reels analytics within the Instagram insights. Note the comments and like to conclude the engagement to the post.

View Reels From Other Profiles

Go to the search, where you could see the featured reels. Quickly you can scroll through the video reels clips by clicking it. You can share, comment, and like on video reels directly from there. You can get reels on particular topics in search of hashtags.

Reels Challenges Against A Viral, Unique Sensation:

Though Instagram has a massive audience, most Z-generation users are moving forward to TikTok for viral content and environment because the network has pulled many youngsters within a short time.

Also, Instagram doesn’t have any ad opportunities in their reels area. You want to keep up everything mentioned above while working out the Instagram reels. Don’t forget the offers it provides. For instance, reels are the perfect method for you if you have mastered Instagram.

If you start to test Instagram reels, it won’t affect your marketing skills and platform knowledge on Instagram to make sure that your content, profile, and reels points out to your brand and optimized for brand awareness.

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