A-Z On How Online Slot Machines Work

With fast technological growth today, software providers are continually developing advanced online slot machines games and are frequently searching for attractive ways to entertain slots players. Popular software developers like Yggdrasil, Microgaming, Play ’n Go, and NetEnt, are bringing slots that can be played on laptops and mobile devices as well. But, if you are a beginner and have never played online slots before, there is no fun playing a game without knowing how it works.

So, let us understand how an online slot machine works step by step before you start to spin the wheel of fortune.

Where do slot games come from?

Created by Charles Fey in the late 1800s, there are still similarities between the mechanism of the first slot machine ‘Liberty bell’ with that of today. Spade, horseshoe, heart, diamond, and the bell – the symbols used in the Liberty bell are common in many slots. However, today an online slot machine has a virtual reel instead of a physical one, and the symbols are thematic, attractive, 3d, and even animated.

What are online slots & its essential characteristics?

A game of luck, online slots have sets of reels with different symbols in it. Once you spin, the reels rotate and then stop. The new positions of the symbols determine what you win. It is that simple.

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  • How does the random number generator (RNG) work?

RNG software selects random numbers when you spin and make sure that games are not predetermined. Previous wins or losses have no relevance when you spin next time, making the game fair. 

  • Bonus & free spin

Free spins cost you nothing. There are usually two ways you can receive it first if you hit a particular symbol combination or a unique feature during the game. The second one is the promotional kind in which you are awarded a welcome bonus.

  • How is RTP determined?

Return to player (RTP) ranges between 90- 98% in online slot games and 70-92% in the casinos. A small amount of house edge is kept for the casino, and that is why RTP can never be 100%. So either you can have many dead spins and get a big win or get small wins, but not any big win at all. It’s all random!

  • Tips to play online slots & win

Whether you are playing high volatile/variance slot games with a lot of spins, waiting for a big win, or a low variance game with small victories, remember to learn the rules of each game before you play. It is much safer for beginners to start with little variance games as it gives you consistent wins, and you get a chance to increase your credit slowly but steadily.

  • Myths about Online Slots

Lastly, there are many myths like online slots are not random and work in cycles, that once you win big, there is no chance of winning again on the next spin, etc. But all these things are not real. Online slots are entirely random & if you are lucky enough, you can have big wins.

So start playing and test your fate.

Best of luck!

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