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Advice from Delhi’s Best Gynecologist – How Safe is hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty, also known as hymen reconstruction surgery is the surgical procedure of reconstructing hymen, which is a thin, pinkish membrane that partially covers the vagina. The hymen is a part of the vulva and is located about 0.5 inch deep in the vagina.

In this surgery, the torn remnants of hymen are gently stitched back using dissolvable sutures. The sutures dissolve being self-dissolvable completely dissolve on their own within 15 to 20 days after the hymenoplasty. After the sutures and the vaginal area has completely healed after the surgery, there will be no scars from the sutures or from hymenoplasty left behind. The hymen is so precisely reconstructed back by the gynecologist that not even a doctor would know if the female has undergone a hymenoplasty.

Generally, females who have had sexual intercourse before marriage or those who have been a victim of sexual assault choose to undergo for this surgery in order to reconstruct their hymen and regain their virginity. Hymenoplasty surgery in Delhi and other metro or tertiary cities is more of a choice that a female makes for her own. In some cases, where a female’s hymen breaks in an accident or during strenuous activities like horse riding or gymnastics, where she may need hymenoplasty or another surgery for medical reasons.

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Is hymenoplasty safe?

Hymenoplasty is a successful and safe procedure with a success rate as high as 98% when performed by an expert gynecologist or a specialist. Typically, hymenoplasty has no long term side effects or risks. In some cases, if the female does not follow the suggested precautions or doctor’s advice as a result of which, there may be complications and the outcome of the surgery may not be a complete success. Follow your gynecologist’s advice to get the best results from hymenoplasty.

Hymenoplasty is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure which is completed in less than 30 minutes. The female does not need a complete bed rest after the hymenoplasty. Although, gynecologists recommend the female to avoid exertion around the vaginal area till the sutures completely. The sutures take about 15 to 20 days to completely heal and dissolve. The female should also avoid any extra pressure or strain around the vagina or the inner thighs area during her recovery period. The gynecologist is likely to provide the female a set of instructions to follow after the hymenoplasty surgery so as to prevent any complications.

Benefits of Hymenoplasty

The opinions of various females and people about hymenoplasty surgery are biased. Some females may wish to get hymenoplasty done as she would not want her partner or family to know about her sex life previously, or before marriage. In many countries, religions and cultures, sex before marriage is considered unethical and a female’s intact hymen, which bleeds when she has her first intercourse after marriage, is considered to be a sign of her chastity. In such cases, many females may decide to get hymenoplasty.

  • Restores hymen to bleed during sexual intercourse.
  • Regains virginity
  • Repairs damage to hymen from an accident or sexual assault.
  • Rejuvenates hymen, making the female like a virgin again.


After hymenoplasty, the newly-stitched hymen tissues need some time to heal and get back to normal. Follow your gynecologist’s instructions and precautions for a safe and healthy recovery from hymenoplasty and to avoid the risk of complications.

The female is strictly advised to refrain from sexual intercourse and to not penetrate any foreign object (including tampons) for at least 21 days, till the sutures dissolve and heal completely. The female should also avoid any heavy workout or lifting heavy weights as it can put pressure or strain around the inner thighs and vaginal area. Also, gynecologists strictly advise avoiding douching as it can disturb your vagina’s natural pH balance and hinder the hymen’s healing.

For a quick and healthy recovery, make sure to follow the gynecologist’s advice and take any prescribed medications in time. Also, it is advised to wear loose, cotton underwear and clothes to stay comfortable. In case of any discomfort or inconvenience, call your gynecologist right away.

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