Agate Stone or Gemstone and Its Benefits

What is Agate Stone or Gemstone?

The mesmerizing Agate gemstone is found in the Earth’s crust, in metamorphic or volcanic rocks. Agate is a form of Chalcedony, which is Silicon Dioxide which is naturally formed into microscopic fibrous quartz crystals. Admired since ancient times, the Agate is found in a wide variety of colour palette, like, Blue, White, Grey, shades of Pink, Violet, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and some other colours. Their variegated look with bands of colours, Lace patterns, Moss like patterns etc., adds to their attractive look, a reason for which Agate has been a popular gemstone for jewellery. Also, Agate Geodes are used as adornment in many houses, that not only serve as decoration pieces but also radiates its subtle energies which heal the inmates and space as per its benefits.

The major Agate stone mines are in U.S.A, Canada, Russia, and Europe, though it is to found in many countries across the globe including India.

History and Origin of Agate

It is believed that the name Agate was conferred by Greek philosopher and naturalist Theophrastus, who discovered the stone on the shores of Achetes in Sicily, which is Dirillo, in present times. It has been widely used as a stone for protection, to ward off curses, like jewellery, amulets, artefacts, for making seals, brooches, knife-edge, and a host of other things. Sumerians and Egyptians are said to have used Agate for their rituals. It was worn as breastplates and swords by Babylonians. Egyptians used the Agate to protect themselves from natural calamities.

Properties of Agate

This attractive Agate gemstone is well known since olden times for its grounding property, it has been worn in the ancient world as amulets to ground energies of jealousy, evil eye, etc. It posses the capability to balance the inner self, balancing the male and female in a person, helping to feel centered. It naturally has many innate metaphysical and other Agate healing properties. The energies of Agate is gentle and soothing, thereby relieving stress and anxiety. It clears the negative energies from aura and space and protects. It has the ability to boost focus and concentration, enhances analytical abilities, self-confidence, and courage.

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Benefits of Agate Gemstone

Gemstones are nurtured by Mother Earth and have their own inborn healing attributes. The brilliant Agate stone has multiple ways in which it benefits the user. The gemstone makes alluring jewellery like Bracelets, Necklaces etc., excellent gift items are made from Agate, lovely artefacts that can decorate your home, like tabletops to coasters, wind chimes and other such Agate products. Each colour has its separate healing properties.

  • It releases stress and soothes down nerves with its calming influence.
  • Agate is known for its attribute of balancing the inner self of an individual and grounds the energies bringing centeredness to the person.
  • It is a stone that provides strength, courage, and boosts self-confidence.
  • Wearing the Agate stone brings acceptance of situations in the wearer and changing his/her perspective to a positive one. It brings the truth to the forefront to be accepted and recognized.
  • It helps to perceive life in its broader perspective.
  • When worn or kept in the vicinity, helps to become more focused, increases concentration thereby helping to efficiently do any work and be in the moment.
  • Agate stone eliminates negative and lower energies from the aura of a person and replaces it with high vibration energies. It is considered a protective stone.
  • It boosts the analytical thinking.
  • It benefits the user by bringing in good luck and money.
  • For healing relationships, the Agate stone is helpful. Pink agate is said to be great in the healing relationship between parents and children. It helps to focus on the good of the other person and therefore urges to deal with people in a compassionate manner.
  • Keeping the Agate stone around is useful in ensuring unnecessary expenditure. Often when we don’t realize that what we are investing in is not useful, is brought into awareness and so wasteful expenditure is controlled.
  • It aids in increasing creative skills and boosts energy.
  • Healing of trauma, releasing anger, and resentment are Agate stone benefits.
  • When worn, Agate stone is said to enhance the physical speed of a person and is said to be a suitable stone for athletes.
  • It is useful to have Agate stone nearby when discussing the budget with either spouse or at the office as it maintains calm and helps arrive at a peaceful solution even when the budget is stringent.
  • Metaphysical Agate stone benefits include its contribution to increasing clairvoyant powers and intuitive skills.
  • It is a good stone for those who are prone to nightmares as having the stone around helps to bring pleasant dreams and deep, relaxing sleep.
  • The physical properties include is said to be good for giving relief from Insomnia, especially in senior citizens, with its calming energies. It can heal stomach diseases, is useful during pregnancy and childbirth, strengthens blood circulation keeping it healthy, heals allergies, and gives relief from skin diseases. Additionally, Agate stone is said to support fertility stimulation.
  • Spiritually, Agate stone aids in self-introspection and realizes the truth about self, which propels growth in the spiritual path.

Benefits of Different Colours of Agate Stone

As Agate stone is naturally found in many colours, each colour of Agate has its own specific benefits. Below are a few examples.

Blue Lace Agate – helps to speak your truth and communicate clearly.

Purple Agate – Is good for finding easy solutions and not dwelling in the past or what does not serve good. It is good for those who would like to give up smoking as it supports the process of giving up the addiction with ease.

Pink Agate – Helps in the healing relationships.

White Agate – Brings spiritual awakening and progress in the path.

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