Is There Any Alternative Method For Sleeve Packaging?

There are dozens of packaging solutions in the world, but the fame and reliability that sleeve boxes have gained over time are unmatchable. They are considered the most reliable and protective type of packaging solutions. They are used for a variety of products, including food items, beverage items, cosmetic items, gift items, glass-made items, men & women clothing accessories, garments, electronic items, and many others. The customizable nature of these boxes allows the product manufacturers to get them manufactured in any shape, size, design, printable pattern, color scheme, finishing style, and manufacturing material. They can select the manufacturing material from cardboard stock, kraft stock, corrugated cardboard stock, boxboard stock, and paper stock. Moreover, they can also choose the finishing style for these boxes, such as soft-touch, spot UV, embossing, gold & silver foiling, and lamination.

To glamorize the packing of various items, sleeve boxes are widely used. They enhance the worth of products that are packed inside to make them with their added visual appeal. They keep the packed products safe from various atmospheric conditions. However, many other packaging solutions can be used as alternatives. Let us share some of them to help you get the most suitable item as per your needs;

Setup boxes

Setup Boxes
Setup Boxes

They offer a great solution to pack a wide range of products, including confectionary items. Most of their consumers use them to great protection with elegant looks and feel to engage their customers. They are a cost-effective way to customize them as per the requirements of the customers. You can print the logo and names of your company by using various printing techniques such as foil stamping, embossing, or debossing, etc. to make them appear more lovely.

Sliding packs

There is a wide variety of various styles of rigid boxes that people usually do not know what to call them. Another very beautiful type of rigid pack, namely sliding or drawer boxes, is the most suitable choice for a sleeve pack. They got their name due to their unique designs. They have a separate tray part that opens and closes just like a drawer. They are durable and look great and are preferred by most brands. The opening and closing style of these boxes is very elegant. You simply have to pull it towards you to open it and push it in to close it like a sleeve pack. They are broadly utilized to packaging up-scale gems, jewelry items, electronic devices, books, CDs, and many other similar products.

Presentation packs

To any make any item or gift stylish appear special, presentation boxes are the best option that adds a touch of sophistication through their visuals. They are available in all the standard sizes and shapes for presenting a wide range of products. They are made from high quality, sturdy material and are also available in a range of shades and finishing styles as per the needs of the consumers.

When they are printed with a company logo, these presentation boxes look more impressive. They add value to any packed product and offer additional protection at the same time. One more great benefit of these boxes is that they are recyclable that can be reused by their consumers. They are easy to customize while being available in their traditional two-piece styles. You can make these boxes with hinged lids, trays with wrap-around lids that use magnetic closures or ribbon ties to make them look unique and useful. 

Custom packages

The packaging solutions says it all when it comes to product quality. When designed correctly, they help boost the sales of a packed product by drawing the customers’ attention. Custom packages are the most versatile item of the packaging industry. They are available in a wide variety of designs and printings that gives your brand more exposure and publicity in the market and send a positive message to your targeted customers. They are flexible enough to change their appearances, which helps customers to identify your products from your competitors. By designing differently, they can easily get a look of sleeve packaging. You can print these boxes with your brand identity logo also strengthen your relationship with the customers. They are manufactured using the highest quality of materials and the latest designing techniques. They are an affordable solution to set specially designed custom boxes. They are a perfect choice for such brands that needs a single packaging for their products. They are not only sturdy but look more lovely as well. 

By using your creative imagination, you can easily turn a simple pack into lavish boxes. You can get the complete opportunity to try your designing skill to turn your imagination into reality. Those mentioned above are a few choices for you to consider as an alternative to a sleeve pack. Change their color, size, shape, or materials, etc. to design efficient packaging as we all know that a quality product needs smart packaging.

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