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Amazing Design Ideas For A Modern Kitchen Makeover

Since the kitchen is considered the heart of a home, people put in a lot of effort to make it stand out. But with endless options available when it comes to renovating your kitchen, somehow feels a little challenging to make decisions.

To help you get started, we will suggest some interesting modern kitchen ideas. The contemporary kitchens usually have a sleek design that’s everlasting and always in-trend. But this doesn’t mean that this kitchen style has to be sterile or cold. Modern kitchen designs also include some pops of colour, trendy light fixtures, and fashion-forward stools to add whimsy appeal to the given space.

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Whether your kitchen is small or open and airy, you will notice that the contemporary kitchen style often resonates with most interiors. So without further ado, let’s discuss how to add that extra oomph to your modern kitchen design:

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1. Blend Everything

Another exciting way to add a modern appeal to your kitchen is by blending everything. Since the kitchen is exposed to your living room and dining area, you may consider adding hardware-free cabinets in the sleek white shade to mix it with the background. Also, install white quartz worktops London to make the kitchen somehow feel disappeared seamlessly into the entire contemporary interior.

2. Warm and Cosy Appeal

For creating warm and cosy appeal in a kitchen, you may consider adding dark colour, such as warm chocolate stone worktops, into the interior. A smooth transition from one surface to another helps in creating an effortless visual flow. The moody and monochromatic setup seems to be perfect in any kitchen that gets natural daylight. It helps in embracing the existing space while creating an intimate and easy-going effect.

3. Be Playful

Most people spend a reasonable amount of time cooking meals for their family members. So, why not make it a fun place to enter? You may think of adding playful, colourful and geometric vibes to your kitchen. It is possible with the installation of some coloured stools, backsplash, etc. or by adding a geometric lighting fixture to a given space.

4. Make It Edgy

The concrete flooring brings some understated edge to the kitchen. However, the polished concrete surface looks more inviting and lively. Plus, add a sculptural lighting fixture to give an edgy factor to the given space.

5. Strategic Layout

If you have a small kitchen, you need to make a strategic layout with ample storage space, as well as the right decor elements, to give a new feel to the interior. Also, add the understated bar stools for effortlessly transitioning the kitchen to the living and dining area.

6. Add Only One Popping Colour 

You must be aware that white shade makes any given space brighter. You can keep everything else white but add a pop of one colour with decor elements like flowers, vases, serving ware, accent wall, etc. Even a wall painting can spruce up the all-white decor in an elegant way.

7. Hide the Range Hood

If you think that your classic stainless steel range hood is appearing too commercial, don’t replace it altogether. Instead, you can hide it behind a glass encasement or cabinets with a fun, polished surface.

8. Dare to Take Risks

Usually, modern design is streamlined, but there is still room for some experimentation. In modular kitchens, the lighting fixtures give you enough opportunity to play with the scale and design. You may install a cluster of cylindrical, narrow and long pendants to add a unique vibe to the interior.

9. Plexiglass Windows 

Do you have a home with quirky windows? You may decorate them with custom plexiglass design to add a traditional touch to the modern interior. While white can be the dominant colour in your kitchen, but the warm wooden window frames and plexiglass design add a unique touch to space with a perfect balance of brightness and warmth.

10. Asymmetrical Balance

If your kitchen is asymmetric, don’t worry. You can play around with the available layout to create asymmetrical balance to draw attention. For instance, if the ceiling is not in perfect symmetry, you may consider adding the range hood into that area to form a perfect balance. It will help you create a fun contrast with the rest of the linear and clean symmetrical placements.

11. Subway Tile Backsplash

For softening your industrial kitchen, you may consider installing a subway tile backsplash. Furthermore, install edgy concrete floors, classic black wood cabinets, retro stools and a sleek island to give an eclectic yet cohesive look to the whole space.

12. Keep Things Simple

For adding dimension to an all-white kitchen, you may opt for textured plaster walls, wooden cabinets, marble worktops London, and statement lights. There’s nothing more to add for that extra visual appeal, as sometimes a simple interior is the best.

13. Partial Interior Glass

If you cannot decide between a closed and open floor plan, you may form a balance with interior glass. The internal glass creates partial walls between the kitchen and dining-living area to spread light evenly in both sections while transitioning the kitchen to the rest of the regions.

14. Display Everything

Install floating shelves, if you have a beautiful collection of tableware, glassware or ceramic kitchen essentials to put on display. Also, add small-scale artwork on the shelves to create gallery-like aesthetics.

15. White Display Cabinet

If you don’t like the idea of keeping things exposed in floating shelves, you may install white display cabinets with glass walls to showcase your cutlery. This way, there is no need to clean the displayed items every day to keep the dust away.


Following the given ideas, you can create a stunning modern kitchen design. However, you have to decide which particular style will complement your kitchen layout and interior. You may even consult a professional interior designing team to create a perfect kitchen.

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