Amazon Marketing Strategies: Which is Better PPC or SEO?

Amazon Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves organic rankings from time to time, whereas Amazon PPC Service boosts sales velocity. SEO and PPC are vital tools that should be combined to rectify and amplify the overall Amazon Marketing Strategy. If used correctly with a holistic approach, it can increase revenues of any Amazon Seller worldwide. The number of sellers keeps increasing year after year at an exponential rate, which puts Amazon PPC service in demand parallel to SEO.

In this blog, we will dig deeper into the metrics and facts to reach a conclusion. However, we must be aware that the market dynamics of Amazon keep on changing time after time. A relatively better marketing strategy should cover both aspects of Amazon PPC and SEO service. Nevertheless, to decide which strategy is right to use, you need to understand the Pros and Cons of both PPC and SEO and how their combination can provide growth for your Amazon Seller Account.

SEO Improves Organic Ranking Over Time

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (Amazon SEO), our focus centers around ranking based on the organic search results page. You can run any search on Amazon or Google, and the organic listings can be easily visible after the sponsored ads or any shopping results. Learning how to optimize your listing is the key to increase the visibility from SEO. Ranking can increase if any seller can understand how Amazon crawls, indexes, and understands your content.

Firstly, SEO is no simple task. It comprises technical SEO, On-Page SEO, Link Building, Content Marketing, User Interface, and so much more. We create the best results out on the web for any search query being done so that a significant volume of traffic can be driven to listings. SEO is an evergreen and perpetual process. The more you do it, the better will the rankings, and you will remain in the top pages of the searches on Amazon. It is said to be merit-based; Amazon’s SERP will show the results it considers to be the best. A cumulative effort that serves all the ranking factors can lead to organic leads on your listings present on Amazon.

SEO won’t cost you a cent

However, what is the main advantages of Search Engine Optimization on Amazon so that you are aware of where to invest your marketing budget?

Organic SEO is one of the most economical techniques for improving the visibility of your listing. It helps you to place your business right in front of the customers when they are running a search for a similar business of your niche. SEO brings organic clicks without needing to invest in click costs. If done right, SEO is free organic traffic. When you can achieve results from an SEO Strategy, sustained results are the expectations. Your Amazon Listing starts showing up with potential customers 24/7 on your targeted keywords. Organic SEO ought to bring more stability, which means that if your Amazon Listing Optimization is done the right way, your rankings on SERP will remain consistent throughout the time.

We have the liberty to come with content that can target different funnel stages without paying for the click. It saves us from the need to hire a team for managing the advertising budget. As suggested by Spark Toro, SEO brings out ten times the number of clicks than the paid results. Your Amazon Listings can gain a high amount of traffic without about the ad expenditure with the correct SEO application.

PPC as a Growth Strategy

Amazon PPC Service, also known as Pay-Per-Click, is related to advertising on Amazon’s Search Engine. Amazon’s PPC offers three types of advertisement services: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Display ads. Sellers pay for every click done on their targeted keywords, which drives traffic to their listings. PPC allows you to see instant results. As soon as your ad campaign is live, you will start to see clicks, traffic, and expected conversions. It is known that SEO can take up to several months as well in order to achieve results; however, with the correct PPC strategy, immediate conversions are possible.

You can quickly notice the ads on Amazon SERP, labeled as “sponsored” either on the top, left, or the bottom of the page. PPC ads are the first thing that a user looks at on the search page, either on mobile or desktop, which means that it allows sellers to appear on the top results right away without performing the tedious linking process with the SEO. It also gives the sellers an opportunity to enhance the presence and visibility of a business on Amazon so that the searcher’s attention is gained correctly.

Running a PPC Campaign surely requires an experienced PPC specialist and a copywriter who can develop engaging ad copies and landing pages, which is still considered a smaller team of experts than SEO. For the sake of comparison, let’s focus on ‘Sponsored Products,’ which is the most commonly used PPC Campaign by the sellers. When you bid on a keyword relevant to your listing, the customer who searches for that specific keyword on Amazon SERP is most likely to end up on your listing as it will be visible in the top results. However, it also requires a Cost per Click Adjustments to remain on the top search results relative to the competitors.

PPC Boosts Sales Immediately

Amazon’s PPC search range is greater than SEO, which means that exact keywords are not required to trigger the ad to appear. Visibility improvements ought to happen quickly depending on how high the bids are made on the specific keywords. PPC provides us with the advantage to target the customers in many different ways, search as video ads, shopping ads, and more. It can segment the customers’ targeting, so that the seller can use the right kind of advertising format to reach your audience and encourage them to buy your products.

When running a PPC campaign on Amazon, you get exposure to the wealth of data on the keywords and ads different customers click on before making a purchase or not. Once this data is correctly interpreted, sellers can make changes to their campaign to be further optimized and bring improvement to the ad spend.

It is effortless to perform the quick run test as well as PPC Campaigns, which will allow sellers to take a ‘beta testing’ approach before getting the campaign fully live. This can, in turn, help them to drive bigger ROI on their products as well. Sellers gets exposure to a laser targeted approach with the help of a PPC Campaign. Whether they want to target customers based upon their location, time, or the devices they have in their hands, they can easily build a PPC Campaign and target those customers only.

Amazon SEO is a prerequisite of PPC

Displaying ads on Amazon is purely based upon relevancy. It means that the ad will be shown only if it is relevant to the search term of the customer. Moreover, PPC Campaigns are most likely to work if the product listing is optimized with the relevant keywords as well. Although the desired outcome of the PPC Campaign is sales, however, the sales can only occur if the customers click on your product page. Therefore, Amazon SEO helps to improve Click rates as well.

Amazon PPC Service itself supports organic ranking as well. Sales on product listings have a direct influence on a product’s organic ranking. If your PPC Campaign is able to drive more sales via generated ads, then it will definitely have a positive effect on the health of the product. This type of effect is considered to be vital for the newly emerging products. There is a lack of sales history and also the absence of performance data as well. These two things can cause the organic rankings to decrease. However, with the help of Amazon PPC Service, rankings can change and drive traffic to the listing and boost sales as well.

PPC & SEO are better when combined

It is almost impossible to choose between the two because Sellers on Amazon are choosing the best of them based upon their requirements. As a matter of fact, both of them integrate very well together, driving better search to the listings. It is not always about the better option; each channel is able to complement the other when properly utilized. Most of the time, it depends upon the budget of sellers on Amazon as well. Nevertheless, if the budget allows you to use both of them, then you should definitely use them so that short and long-term returns can be balanced out. Last but not least, if you have decided to pursue a single channel, then you need to think about the common scenarios and recommendations. If fast results are required at any cost, then PPC might be the best option. If you are able to drive sales from your listings and want to maximize returns in the long-term then SEO will be a preferable option.

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