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Do you apply acne treatment before or after moisturizer?

Layering skincare products is an art and it can be daunting and confusing at times.
When you use your skincare products in the correct order, your skin will reap the full advantages of each product.

If you’ve got red, itchy zits, you’re probably slathering on spot treatments to get rid of them as soon as possible. These concentrated vials and tubes are formulated to target the clogged, infected pore, clear it, and prevent the pimple from growing larger and tougher. Spot treatment products work wonders for acne treatment.

Spot therapy can be used for post-acne spots, active acne, few random bumps on the skin, and even dark spots left behind from old acne or an acne scar.

As the name implies, spot treatment comprises potent active substances that are intended to be administered only on the zit or dark spots as it might easily irritate the skin barrier or irritate if applied all over the skin.

It is important to make sure to apply your spot treatment before your moisturizer, regardless of when you use it, so it can fully penetrate the skin and do its job without being blocked by another barrier.

The art of using Spot treatments

Don’t forget to keep up with the usual skincare routine

Spot treatments are the perfect solution to remove blemishes of any kind but this doesn’t mean one should abandon the rest of the skincare routine. A good skincare regime is crucial irrespective of the products used. Spot treatments are often applied at night, followed by a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, and left overnight.

It is in the correct order

The rule of thumb in layering skincare products is to go in the order of lightest to the heaviest product. So, these spot treatments should indeed be applied after cleansing and toning but before serums and creams.

This is because the active components present in acne treatments work best when applied to clean skin, and applying a spot treatment over a thicker cream or oils may hinder its penetration into the skin and prevent the active ingredients from working effectively.

However, if the actives present in the spot treatment is skin damaging or drying, it is ideal to apply a thin layer of moisturizer prior to the spot treatment to reduce the risk of skin irritation.

Spot treatments should not be used excessively

Spot treatment products contain active ingredients like AHAs, BHAs, or retinol that are magic ingredients for acne treatment. However these ingredients can irritate the skin when used excessively.

Yes, they work, but it doesn’t imply one should use them multiple times a day or use excessive amounts.

Spot treatments for black spots aren’t going to work like magic.

Be it lightening acne scars or other dark spots with a spot treatment, time and consistent usage of the product matters the most. One cannot expect overnight results; it takes considerable time to see results.

Time taken for the results also depends on how adverse the condition is.

The bottom line

To get the most out of acne spot treatments, one must apply them as near to the skin as possible. Considering that the active components in acne spot treatments vary, it is important to check the package or consult a dermatologist for the ideal way of using it.

Irrespective of expert suggestions, one must listen to their skin and identify what works best cause, not all skin types are the same.

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