Are soft silk sarees pure silk?

The most commonly used soft silk sarees are Tussar silk and Chennai silks, and many more. These types of silk sarees are made of silk fiber and some zaries in them. However, pure silk comes from the sticky protein layered yarn.

Anyone can easily recognize pure silk by simply touching the fabric. The extremely smooth texture of this specific saree is the most popular among all kinds of silk sarees.

Soft silk saree

These specific types of silk sarees are a perfect match for the hot weather with a huge amount of humidity. From the beginner to the expert, anyone can carry these sarees with ease.

The comfort and lightweight attract most of the women towards it. It can also give you an elegant look and is full of comfort. It is in fashion to wear amazing silk sarees on special occasions as well as on everyday purposes.

Authenticity test of soft silk sarees

Luster test:

The soft silk sarees have a unique texture that has a characteristic shine when titled at a specific angle. The arrangements of the yarn in the sarees are in such a way that the silk threads get highlighted. However, the fake silk sarees do not have that specific texture. As a result, these fake silk sarees will give you a white shine at a glance.


Usually, the soft silk sarees have light-weighted fabric within them. This is why it can easily pass through a single ring. It has a smooth appearance. This is why; it is easy to carry these light-weighted soft silk sarees. The fake silk sarees cannot pass the ring test due to their thicker texture.

Burn test:

If you can take out a single thread from your favorite soft silk saree, then this test will definitely help you to check the authenticity of the same. Light the thread on fire and if you get the smell of burning hair you can be sure about the purity of the product that it is, in fact, silk!.

Pure silk

Pure silks are smothering and lighter than the soft silk sarees. These particular silk sarees usually provide you a traditional and cultural look instantly. You can easily wear these sarees on any occasion. It has some light zari work on it to increase the beauty. It is made of the chemical called sericin, which usually comes from the larva of a silkworm. The crunching noise of these sarees will assure you about the quality for sure.

Authenticity test of pure silks

Touch test:

The pure silk will surely provide you a smoother and lighter experience than the soft silk sarees. By touching the same, you will get an idea of the differences between the original and the fake one.

Chemical test:

You need to make a certain chemical compound to test the authentic silk. Then soak a single small piece of it on that compound. The soft silk saree will remain the same but the pure silk will melt away.

Burn test:

If you can burn a single thread of pure silk, it will smell like burnt hair. This is also a way to test the authenticity of your pure silk. From the above-mentioned information, we will be able to identify the purity of your soft silk saree and the pure silk as well.

There is a massive difference between the prices of these silk sarees. The real pure silk is way much more expensive than the soft silk sarees because of the super-impressive quality.

Though the pure silk is lighter and shinier than the ordinary silk saree, both of these sarees can provide you an elegant and wonderful look instantly.

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