Artificial Intelligence: How Smartphones Have Integrated with AI?

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How Smartphones Have Integrated with AI

How Smartphones Have Integrated with AI

You may have heard many 6GB ram mobiles and even budget phones loaded with the brilliance of Artificial Intelligence (AI). You may have been surprised how this technology is fast integrating with today’s pop up camera mobile phones and others. 

Thus, what is the use of AI in smartphones, and what are some great models with AI to buy in India? Let’s explore together in this quick post!     

What is AI in smartphones? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a technology that is only being used in movies and Smart TV series. Now it is being used in smartphones featuring pop up camera mobile and in some other decent devices. Many of your friends having an AI-enabled phone may be taking advantage of it via apps and beyond. 

AI is the improved ability that software may have, where it can understand certain aspects of anything and suggest responses that are based on it. The best example will be the recommendation that you get on YouTube on which content to watch is AI working in the background. 

How is AI integrating smartphones?

  1. By making your photos better 

Phones that have AI-enabled cameras can help you either adjust the background on its own to help you click better pictures. It can also improvise your clicked photos and make it better. There are also smart photo and filter apps that can help you click and make clicked photos great. The phone does not need human intervention as Google Photos like apps employs AI to identify human faces and objects in a photo. Once done, it makes it a club with common aspects and folders in your phone with the same faces. 

  1. By making your batteries last long 

AI technology is also present in many devices’ batteries these days. This way, technology leads towards smarter battery management. It makes you enjoy more juice out of each charge. Not only AI helps you save battery power, but it helps it go the extra mile as compared to standard phone’s battery capacities. These days some of the companies have launched 6000 mah battery mobile to give the better battery back up like once charge and forget to worry about plugging to charging every now and then.

  1. By making typing easy 

Typing on a touchscreen phone is not that comfortable as compared to one on a typical keyboard. The predictive text input, touch-based keyboards’ feature can help you overcome the small keyboard and keys’ limitations. AI-enabled phones understand what you wanted to type and keep you suggesting words if you wanted to type. Not only it makes typing fun, but even easier as you can just tap on suggestions and avoid typing an entire sentence. 

What are the best phones with AI in action that you can buy?

India has seen a slew of budget to mid-range to premium range of phones with Artificial Intelligence. Take a look: 

  1. Redmi 8 
  • 4 GB RAM + 64 GB ROM, expandable up to 512 GB
  • 6.22 inch HD+ DotNotch display 
  • 12MP + 2MP dual rear camera 
  • 8MP front camera 
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 processor 
  • 5000mAh battery 

Price in India – Rs.8,000. 

  1. Realme 5s
  • 4 GB RAM + 128 GB ROM, expandable up to 256 GB
  • 6.5 inch HD+ MiniDrop display 
  • 48MP AI + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP Quad camera 
  • 13MP selfie camera 
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor 
  • 5000mAh battery 

Price in India – Rs.10,000. 

  1. Vivo U10 
  • 3 GB RAM + 32 GB ROM, expandable up to 256 GB
  • 6.35 inch HD+ DotNotch display 
  • 13MP + 8MP + 2MP triple rear camera 
  • 8MP front camera 
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 AIE processor 
  • 18 W Fast Charging  
  • 5000mAh battery 

Price in India – Rs.10,000. 

You can also consider Vivo Z1 Pro, Realme X2, Redmi Note 7 Pro and Realme 5 Pro and many more devices with Artificial Intelligence in action at affordable prices in India.        

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