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Let us assume you have a wall or fence outside that you want to decorate, or probably you have a wall that has become very old & you do not want people to notice it.

Whatever the case is, we want to give you a suggestion that will make this easy & convenient for you. So, if you are somewhat familiar with home décor, you may know that there are fake plants that people use for the decoration of their home interiors or sometimes exteriors. But did you know you can also use artificial plants for outdoor walls?

Maybe you did not. Well, in this article, we are going to shed some light on this matter. So, without any further extras, let us jump straight into the discussion.

What are artificial wall plants?

You will find fake plants that can be installed on your outdoor or indoor walls. These plants are alternatively known as artificial wall plants. They are beautiful & can bring the essence of life into any walls they are installed on. You can transform any simple wall into a mini garden wall with these stylish faux wall greeneries.


  • Artificial wall plants are great for both indoors & outdoors. You can install them on any wall you like.
  • You will even find customizable wall plants in the market that is great for those who love to tweak everything.
  • These wall plants are not so heavy & are very easy to install & assemble.
  • They look very realistic & lush, just like real flora in a natural garden, you will not be able to tell the difference by looking at them or the real ones.
  • They are pretty long-lasting. Their overall lifespan is about 2 to 5 years.
  • You can purchase these plants with UV protectant & fire resistant, just imagine how safe they can be to use in any condition.
  • Some of them even come with fixings boxes, which means you can fix them or install them even better if the need arises.

How to order & purchase these plants?

  • You will find faux wall plants, both online & offline. Buy your wall plant from any source you find convenient.
  • Before you purchase, take appropriate measurements of the wall, fence, or the vertical space you are aiming to use for wall plant decoration.
  • When you are buying or ordering your wall plant, make sure to mention the wall measurements you previously noted to provide you with a properly fitted wall plant.
  • Mention any aesthetics or color preference if you have any while purchasing your wall plant. It will help you find a wall plant that is well compatible with your house decoration plan.
  • Some manufacturers even provide you with great customization options that give you the power to customize every aspect of your wall plant according to your preference. So, make use of that facility if available.
  • If you are planning to use the wall plant outdoors, it is better to purchase one that has UV protection & fire protection with it. These extra protections prolong the life of the plant. But if you are planning to use it indoors, then you don’t need to buy your plant with such protections.

How to use these plants?

  • So, once your plant is bought & ready for use, the rest is pretty simple. You can seek assistance from the manufacturer so that he can send someone over to install it in the place you want.
  • Installing these plants is not so hard, so you can even set this yourself with the manufacturer’s or seller’s instructions. But if you feel uncomfortable doing it, you should get it done by an expert.


So, that was all we had to say about artificial plants for outdoor walls. We hope you enjoyed reading our article & hope it will help you get your desired faux wall plant.

If you have any thoughts related to this matter, you can comment them down below. Thank you for reading & have a good day!

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