Astrological Benefits of Hessonite Garnet (Gomed) Gemstone

Gemstones are naturally occurring mineral crystals or other natural substances that are believed to have healing power. Centuries of use and scores of users have reaffirmed the belief again and again. Scores of people have benefited by wearing gemstones. However, there are some gemstones that are more popular than others. Hessonite is one of them. Today, the benefits of hessonite gemstone pervade the common psyche. In fact, there are many people who wear only a hessonite, or Gomed, as it is popularly known. Indeed, the fact that hessonite has a number of benefits in different spheres of life is now common knowledge. Let us discuss the stone and some of the most pronounced benefits of wearing gomed stone.

Hessonite Gemstone

This is a crystal of Calcium Aluminum Silicate with a Moh’s scale of hardness 7 to 7.5. The gemstone is available in golden orange to brown color and is believed to be ruled by ‘Rahu’, one of the nine major astronomical bodies described in the Vedas. Rahu is considered to be a malefic planet in Vedic as well as western astrology.

Gomed Stone Benefits

The gemstone comes with a host of benefits. It is believed that hessonite garnet benefits revolve around five goals of life. These are Meditation, Financial Prosperity, Righteous living, Pleasures of the body, and Salvation.

1. Rahu Stone Benefits

It is believed that Gomed can neutralize the evil effects of Rahu and protect the user from the negative effects of the malefic Vedic planet. Astrologers prescribe gomed for its effect on Rahu. It is said to have a soothing effect on the mind and can relieve depression, anxiety, and mental problems. It can also boost concentration and help a fickle mind to focus on one job. So, it helps to establish a clear direction and thus help users to achieve goals. This is why it can be quite useful for students as well as those who work in the field of research. It can help in professional progress and also enhance the user’s social as well as financial status.

2. Health Benefits of Gomed

It may also improve the health of the user and cure ailments such as allergies, epilepsy, infections, heart palpitation, etc. Astrologers also vouch for hessonite stone benefits in healing varicose veins, cancer, leprosy, boils, clumsiness, fatigue, intestinal issues, blood pressure, etc.

3. Marriage Benefits

There are Gomed stone benefits for marriage too. It helps to establish peace and happiness in marital life. To derive this benefit the husband as well as the wife needs to wear a Gomed. This can boost love, harmony, and peace.

4. Offers protection

Gomed protects the wearer from the effects of black magic and helps him stay ahead of enemies. It helps the wearer to emerge victorious in competitive situations.

5. Potential for Specific Professionals

It is also beneficial for people who are into public speaking, since it enhances the influence of the wearer over large crowds. If you are into computer jobs, government services, politics, law or scientific pursuits, you may reap the magical powers of this stone.

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