Ayurvedic Solution to A Healthy Liver

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Ayurvedic solution to a Healthy Liver

Located in the right upper side of the abdomen, the liver plays a very important role in the production of biochemicals which aids in detoxification and synthetization of proteins. This organ assists in digestion and strong immune health. The liver produces fat breaking fluid called bile which aids in metabolism. Due to its multi-disciplinary functions, it is also prone to various problems like fatty liver, hepatitis, and jaundice. Ayurveda has also spread its roots in the development of the liver stimulants. The liver tonic ayurvedic medicine helps in reconditioning functions of the liver and repair the damage caused to it by various reasons such as alcohol abuse.

The liver is a versatile organ that needs proper care in the form of good eating habits and exercises. If the liver gets prone to any of the problems or disease it can cause obstacles to various processes of the body. The following are some of the functions which are affected due to liver problems.

Blood purification- The main function of the liver is to detoxify the blood which targets to reach out to the whole body.

Bile production- The liver produces the fluid which lubricates the digestion of food. A small organ named Gall Bladder is just below the liver which collects the bile and aids in moving the same to the small intestine thus completing the digestion.

Fat, proteins, and carbohydrates synthesis- The liver stores and converts glycogen into glucose and release into the blood. It also produces amino acids and produces red blood cells. It also performs lipid and cholesterol synthesis.

Hormones breakdown- It is responsible for the breakdown of hormones and insulin. It breaks the waste products and toxins of the body in the form of urea which excretes in the urine.

Blood storage- The liver as an expandable organ enlarges itself and store blood in it. It acts as a reservoir of blood whenever the body requires it in times of diminished blood levels.

Various ayurvedic tonics and supplements help in the nourishment of liver health. They have a rich nature of ingredients that help in the effective functioning of the liver. Following are some of the ingredients which help in this-

Bhringaraja- the anti-oxidant property of this herb helps in strengthening liver health and removing the toxic load. It also prevents inflammation.

Himsara-  It acts as cardiotonic and analgesic which manages liver and digestive disorders. It has beneficial properties against liver damage caused by xenobiotics. It improves glucose formations.

Kasni- Liver damage also causes gastro related problems and loss of appetite. To prevent and cure this. Kasni has been the most recommended herb which strengthens the stomach.

Neem- The main feature of neem is blood purification which helps the liver to perform this function more effectively.

Changeri raw herb: It possesses richness in vitamin- C. It is a natural supplement used to fight against in the liver and stomach. Its antioxidant characteristic can fight against free radicals.

The best liver tonic in Ayurveda possesses all the above-mentioned herbs along with other medicinal roots. They help the liver against alcohol and junk food-induced damage and improves its health. It regenerates cells and healthy blood. Ayurveda offers the best natural solutions to liver damages. 

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