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Back to College: Useful Tips for First-Year Students

The year 2020 has been challenging for everyone. From kids to adults, COVID-19 has impacted thousands of lives. While we are still struggling to get back to our old normal, children especially face more problems than ever.

Educational institutions have played an important role in our society. During times like these, the students and professors are missing their routine more than anyone. Every year new freshers are seen in colleges who are ready to explore the campus and strive to be better. Due to the current pandemic, computers have now become campuses, and students follow technology more than ever.

But attending classes virtually doesn’t mean that one has to be sad about attending college. It is the first year of college, and the excitement must rise above the pandemic. Here are a few tips for the first-year students that will help you make the most of your time and will tell you how you can use this virtual experience to your benefit.

1. Check Your Technology

No matter what, we must not forget that we need a properly functioning computer to immerse ourselves in our college. Hence first things first.

Check your computer for its functioning, check your internet connections, and any other resource you need for a stable connection. You will be given university credentials as soon as you start with your first day. Make sure you access the university mail id and website to be aware of everything that might be necessary for your onboarding into the campus. Try to be equipped with all the accessories that you might need. This includes a mic, webcam, headphones, etc. Try to keep track of all the online postings, updates, and blogs from the university. This will help you experience campus even without visiting it.

2. Follow A Schedule

Attending college from home doesn’t necessarily mean that you roll out of bed to the classes. Following a proper schedule gives you a routine and helps you in managing your everyday tasks. Make sure that you wake up well before your sessions.

Take a proper and required amount of sleep, eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast, and perform some workouts. These habits will not only help you to get through your day but will also help you to maintain routine in the longer run.

Make waking up early a policy to be followed. It saves unnecessary wastage of time and helps complete the majority of tasks at the beginning of the day.

Keep your distractions away while you give time to your sessions. This leads to unproductively. We all know that it is difficult to stay away from social media while working with technology, but make sure that you are not wasting your valuable time scrolling through the unimportant feed.

3. Join Virtual Meetups

While studying is important, the college also means a place where people interact and make friends. Explore different clubs and groups existing in the college and try to talk to people. Join online meetups from the college. You can virtually meet seniors and professors and get to know about college, college life, career plan, etc.

Involve yourself in various communities virtually. College is a new and irreplaceable experience. Make sure you utilize your time smartly. Connections help you enjoy your college. You may find people from the college living around you. This way, you can go around as well to meet them and to hang out with them.

You can reach out to people and new connections. You can be a part of your newly chosen family.

4. Take Time Off

Too much technology can be an exertion for anybody. Hence you should not immerse yourself completely into virtualization. Don’t forget to take a break to disconnect from technology. You can do some physical workouts, go for a walk, play some sport or meditate. Whatever you do, make sure you do not use technology gadgets. Use this time to have fun in your real world. You can talk to your parents, meet your friends, etc.

Too much technology has impacted many people adversely. This has led to problems related to mental distress. Hence it is advised that you keep yourself fresh by taking small breaks between and enjoying that time in nature.

5. Balancing College and Life

You must pay attention to your college activities. From classes to webinars to meetups, they are all important. Make sure that you connect with professors and check the scheduling of sessions on time. Always be ready to volunteer for work and to learn something new.

But in this chaos of new learning, don’t forget to take care of yourself. College is important to make a good career, but make sure that you don’t push yourself too far. College is life, a short clip of the life one is going to experience later. Try to balance your career with what is fun for you. Do make some time for your hobbies and to connect with your family and old friends. A balanced life will take you on a happy path and will help you in the longer run.


College is the life that one never forgets, and this pandemic has made it difficult for students to get the campus experience. But some substitutes and alternatives can help you experience that life even while sitting at home. Try to enjoy your time at home and work for the time for colleges to reopen.

We hope these tips will help you make the most of your time and enjoy college life as well. For more information, you can visit our website-

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