Balancing Work-Life in a Remote Culture

Harmony in work-life while working remotely has become an interesting issue in the accounting and outsourced bookkeeping services firms, as they wonder how to hire and hold staff, while likewise guaranteeing great financial performance for client satisfaction.

In any case, working remotely accompanies a few difficulties. Having mental peace, staying fit, completing tasks before a deadline, sharing office work while taking care of children, cooking, cleaning as well as staying connected to colleagues are some challenges that arise when working from home.

As per a study done by Hudson (a recruitment firm) of 3000 professionals: 70% of them considered work-life balance as their first concern following salary raise and cultural fit issues. Offering a culturally fit environment and satisfying career to the employees to keep them happy and get efficient in business operation is no more than a test to SMEs.

As per Telus International, 4 out of 5 respondents have thought that it was tough to separate from work in the nights when working from home. That equivalent researched tracked down that over 50% of respondents have not taken a mental wellness day since they began remote working because of the pandemic, in spite of 97% saying that holidays while remote working is significant to re-energize.

Without further ado, let’s talk about some strategies for improving work-life balance in an accounting firm.

Give intriguing and interesting work

Colleagues get bored when they continue working on the same tedious project which doesn’t bring any challenge and capture their attention. Staff who are allowed to do some advisory roles where they can out their inputs will bring more productivity to the firm and remain satisfied.

Remember, don’t burden them with extra work as the Covid-19 has already affected lives adversely and you too bringing gloom will not be the right choice. Prioritise the tasks list and assign only those which have to be completed immediately.

Holding your remote group together

A 15-minute daily meeting can help all of you sort out your tasks, remove communication issues in the group and keep everybody together while working independently from your own homes.

This is an incredible method to keep your group culture alive as everybody is spread remotely. In case you haven’t got an opportunity to have a beverage with your associates in quite a while, it very well may be an ideal opportunity to arrange a virtual gathering on Friday evening so you would all be able to talk about your weeks.

Using the right tools and technology

For accountants, numerous tools can make their work processes easier and faster. While cloud computing allows them to make changes in the document anytime, anywhere with any device while talking to the clients on a video call through Skype and using Google Drive to share large files. Moreover, XERO or QuickBooks lets them generate an invoice and enter data accurately without much hassle.

Guarantee staff rest and mental well being

In a work culture where staff who are asking for leave or returning home at a sensible hour as a profession restricting move, is a culture where goals of scaling business can’t flourish. Allowing your staff to get satisfactory rest and restoration will deliver more in the form of a quality and efficient workforce.

Exercise Routinely

As per some experts of Outsourced Bookkeeping Firm, We’ve discovered that we can motivate our employees to take that required break for the duration of the day, and help them execute a sound harmony between serious and fun activities while working distantly.

To sum up:

A piece of advice; Set KPIs for outputs rather than inputs meaning don’t set unnecessary metrics on the number of hours worked instead check whether the number of hours was effectively utilised or not.

Also, working remotely can build profitability. It’s simpler to zero in on the work close when there are fewer breaks from colleagues. Remote working implies bidding farewell to the everyday office drive.

However, while working from home has numerous advantages, it also accompanies some negative effects. Working in discipline, for instance, can be especially tough for home workers when procrastination becomes easy.

A good exercise routine can diminish the impacts of body stress, improve psychological well-being and state of mind, and even upgrade memory and perception.

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