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Here Are Top Six Benefits Of Using Bariatric Hospital Bed

Hospitals try to offer their patients the best services that they can. These services include proper medication, a clean and hygienic environment, well-trained doctors, and excellent equipment. One of the most necessary pieces of equipment in the hospital is the patient bed. To take proper care of the patients, hospitals have to have well-made patient beds.

Hospital beds play a significant role in providing the patient with a better comfort during their treatment. That is why hospitals have to pay special attention to what kind of beds they use for various patients. As they have to deal with patients of every size, so their beds should be suitable for everyone.

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There is no issue with the standard hospital bed, only if it has to accommodate people with average weight. As the patient’s weight increases, their bed demand varies. A bariatric or obese patient needs a bed that can move smoothly and comforts them better. That is where the need forbariatric hospital bedarises.

Here are six benefits of using bariatric beds in the hospital-

Higher Load Capacity

Bariatric hospital beds provide extra load capacity as compared to the standard hospital beds. Its understructure is designed in a way that it offers better support to obese patients. The best bariatric bed can support up to 1,000 pounds. With this capacity, the obese patient can conveniently lie down on the bed for several hours.


Another problem that an obese patient might face is tossing and turning on the bed. The standard hospital beds have a specific width, which might not be enough for the patient to move on their own on the bed. Bariatric beds provide this facility too. They have extra width than the standard ones, so the patient can comfortably take turns on their own.

Easy Movement

While the patient is in the hospital, they have to be moved from the bed several times. Sometimes they have to get off/on the bed on their own, and sometimes the hospital staff needs to shift them to a different bed for treatment. With standard beds, this becomes very much uncomfortable for the patient as well as for the hospital staff. Bariatric beds have several features that help them in convenient movements, like the removable sidebars.

More Comfortable

Comfort is the most vital aspect of a hospital bed as it helps the patient in recovering better and faster. Bariatric beds are complemented with bariatric mattresses, which provide extra comfort to the obese patient. Bariatric mattresses are also suitable for patients who need varying pressure controls on their bodies.


Both bariatric mattresses and hospital beds are made up of durable materials. Despite being used by obese patients, they tend to have a longer life than the standard hospital mattresses and beds.

Lower Height

Obese patients find it tough to climb up a taller bed because of their weight. Bariatric hospital beds are designed at a lower height to provide the patient ease of getting on and off the bed. Though standard hospital beds have adjustable height, bariatric ones’ are more comfortable for the patient.

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