Best Cell Phone Tracker Software Review

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Best Cell phone tracker software Review

The bombardment of cellphone technology over the years has made peoples dependent on this technology. Therefore, everyone, these days love to use their mobile devices all day long no time ever before. The rise and the rise of cellphones in our lives have created a mess for parents in general and employers in particular. Parents these days want to track kids online to prevent their wrongdoings and they need special assistance.

On the other side, business professionals also want to keep employees’ activities on business-owned mobile in working hours to secure business and productivity. Therefore, employers for business and parents for children need to get their hands on cell phone tracking software.

What is a cellphone tracker app?

It is the most advanced cellphone surveillance software that is developed for the users who want to set parental control on children’s mobile devices and on tablets. Moreover, it is equally effective for tracking employee’s activities in working hours on the company’s owned devices. It has come with an online portal after you have installed it on the targeted device and use can further use its powerful tools to upload the activities and information stored on the target mobile devices.

 The powerful tools enable you to get instantly get the target device information remotely without facing technical issues. In-case you need any kind of assistance you can consult it with its customer care representatives. It is compatible with the following devices and OS.

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It is compatible with all the contemporary mobile devices running with the Android operating system up to the latest OS version 10. Moreover, it will remain hidden on the target device and the target device user would not have a clue.

How to install cellphone tracker?

Do you want to track children to know secret activities on mobile devices? Further, you want to do surveillance on employee’s company-provided phones then you need to visit TheOneSpy. Once you are the webpage then you need to get subscription online. Furthermore, get the credentials via email and get your hands on the target device for possession and start the process of installation. Complete the installation process and use it to the credentials to activate the web portal. Get access to the following features to get the job done.

Use cellphone tracking app features

Live screen recording

You can perform live screen recording and make short videos of the screen and send to web portal using screen recorder software


Remotely schedule multiple screenshots on target cellphone devices and capture screenshots.

Call recording

Record and listen to the live mobile calls incoming and outgoing using secret call recorder software.

Read text messages

You can remotely monitor text messages sent or received on target handset with text messages tracker.

IM’s logs

You can get the logs of all the social messaging apps running on target devices likewise, messages, chat, audio-video calls, sharing media, and voice messages.


TheOneSpy cellphone tracker is the best tool for parents and employers to remotely get access to children’s and employee’s devices respectively to monitor their activities to the fullest.

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