Best Email Marketing Campaigns To Look For In 2020

Many entrepreneurs who are new in business still believe email marketing is dead. With the rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others, sending emails to achieve marketing goals seems to be obsolete. The fact is, email marketing campaigns are very powerful when it comes to boosting your revenues. Emails are not something that started without any objective. People used emails to communicate with one another. Although startups failed to realize its potential a few years ago, almost every advertisement agency now employs email marketing strategies. At present, hundreds of email marketing campaigns have emerged in the market. In this article, I will be talking about some of the best email marketing campaigns that you should look for in 2020. So, let’s get started!

10 Best Email Marketing Campaigns To Look For This Year

1. Welcome Email Marketing Campaign

This is one of the most popular email marketing campaigns. The welcome email marketing campaign allows you to get familiar with your subscribers in a professional way. Plus, your subscribers start learning about your brand. To get more out of the email marketing campaign, you can invite subscribers to your company page or add them to social media accounts.

2. The Standard Promotional Campaign

Now this one is powerful if you have a new product or service to promote. Rigorous promotion and marketing are crucial for an advertising company. For that, you should employ the standard promotional campaign. The system is quite professional in creating curiosity and provoking interest in people about your product.

3. The Seasonal Campaign

Quite often, marketers might require a professional tool like the seasonal email marketing campaign to manage their quarterly sales. In addition, the seasonal campaign system can be helpful in raising your productivity during some special occasions on an event. You can promote your holiday packages in case you are from the travel industry.

4. Triggered Email Marketing Campaign

A triggered email marketing campaign is all about sending relevant and targeted emails. This tool manages four common triggers for your email marketing strategy. These triggers help you manage campaign activity, list, workflow, and eCommerce based activities. Such a software system is suitable for retailers and eCommerce platforms.

5. Post-Purchase Email Marketing Campaign

Many marketers require an automated tool to trigger emails after a purchase. Take the example of a person who buys some new gadgets. A post-purchase campaign will send an email that offers tips on how to manage that device. This tool works in two ways. First, it adds value to your product, and secondly, your customer spread a word about your company.

6. Social Engagement Email Marketing Campaign

Well, email marketing is not limited to sending automated emails. You can leverage them for your social media engagement. Being on social networks makes you more accessible to people. An email marketing campaign for social media engagement makes sure that customers connect to your newsfeed.

7. Marketing Campaign For Abandoned Cart

Some campaigns can prove beneficial for ecommerce platforms. Imagine a system that allows discounts so that customers buy your products instead of adding them to the cart. This is how an abandoned cart marketing campaign works. Also, you start observing a high conversion rate after some time.

8. Marketing Campaign For Newsletters

Newsletters have a crucial role in any form of marketing. Marketing experts acknowledged that and introduced a marketing campaign to automate them from time to time. Your customer keeps revolving around product updates, new releases, and other marketing activities after employing this tool. A newsletter marketing campaign binds people to your platform.

9. Re-engagement Email Marketing Campaign

No matter how successful you are in your business, re-engagement is still a need. In this world, people change their professions and location. If they are leaving you, it’s time now to again interact with them. Re-engagement email marketing campaigns prepare an environment for you to hold existing customers and bring back your lost subscribers.

10. Nurturing Email Marketing Campaign

There occurs a situation when your subscriber feels to be left out. Such individuals hesitate while receiving your offers and that’s not a good deal for your business. However, you should not worry as some email marketing strategies let you nurture your valuable subscribers. Always have healthy relations with your customers.

Final Thoughts

The potential of an email marketing service cannot be ignored because they make you stand out from the crowd. In this article, I discussed the best email marketing campaigns for different purposes. Yes, email marketing tools exist for every marketing purpose. For those entrepreneurs who are in confusion, thousands of email marketing companies are ready to serve them. In my opinion, you should be professional in everything you do. Also, care should be taken while sending mails. Don’t ever bombard your customers with thousands of messages. Try to gain some patience as eventually, email marketing will take your company to a whole other level.

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