What are some best on-demand business ideas during COVID-19

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on-demand business ideas during COVID-19

The outburst of COVID-19 disease has massively impacted the economies of almost all countries across the globe. The whole world is putting all the efforts to fight against the current and future impacts of the pandemic.

Coronavirus has induced a lot of panic among humankind, and various events around the world have been canceled. By the continuous increase in the Covid-19 cases, the majority of countries have requested their citizens to stay at their homes.

The current situation will take considerable time to become normal again; the majority of entrepreneurs and people are looking forward to a better alternative to become financially secure. Out of which, the business sector is not an exclusion.

However, technology has resulted in being an ultimate savior for a vast number of industries. Due to the current rules of social distancing, various consumers don’t want to step out of their homes, and it will have a significant effect on consumer behavior.

Due to this, we will observe a sudden increase in online traffic. Hence, this is an excellent opportunity for you if you are looking forward to serving people with some on-demand solutions.

However, due to a lot of online businesses, you may find it challenging to come up with business ideas that will grow in COVID-19.

To make your task easy, here we will provide some best on-demand business ideas that you can consider to start your online business in 2020.

Trending On-Demand Ideas to Start a Business during COVID-19

Below is the list of some unique and innovative business ideas that you can convert into reality with the help of On-Demand App Development.

Without further ado, let’s dive deep into it:

1.   Online Consultancy Services

If you possess the required skills, then you can go ahead and provide consultancy services. Some of the online consultancy services you can provide are as follows:

  • Online music lessons
  • Online Diet consultancy business
  • Online cooking/ bakery lessons
  • Online photography lessons

Due to the Coronavirus situation, people find it difficult to join these classes due to lockdown. Various people who are ready to learn new things will search for these things online.

To start any of the above business, you will require some investment to connect with your target audience.

  • You will require an online portal or an application.
  • You will require a decent office.
  • Lastly, you will require desired instruments to conduct the classes.

2.   Online Education App

About 1.716 billion learners have got influenced because of Covid-19. The majority of educational institutions across the globe are closed and have started providing online education. Due to this, there is a sudden increase in the eLearning industry. Moreover, eLearning app downloads have increased by 300% in March 2020.

The above facts indicate that the eLearning industry will have an enormous scope in the upcoming years. Therefore, if you are running an educational institute or are an expert in a particular field, then you can share your knowledge with the people. One of the great ideas is to create your eLearning platform.

3.   Hyperlocal Delivery Business

Due to the fear of getting exposed to the disease, various people refrain from going outside for shopping. The majority of people are opting to order a wide number of things online. And this trend is going to sustain in the long run after Covid-19.

Moreover, there is a sudden increase in the download of these apps in the corona period. Due to this, the majority of food delivery businesses are generating good revenue. However, only a certain percentage of businesses are focusing on delivering out-of-the-box commodities. Hence, this is a wonderful opportunity for a hyperlocal delivery business.

  • Medicine Delivery
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Alcohol Delivery
  • Essentials Delivery

An on-demand hyperlocal business requires less investment and can help you generate more revenue in the long run. To establish such an app, you can reach out to a professional on-demand app development company and they will provide you the best solution that suits your needs.

4.   On-Demand Doctors/Nurses/Caretakers

Based on a report, Push Doctor, a Manchester-based online doctor platform, observed a 70% rise in the total number of consultations. From this, we can say that creating a platform where users can instantly reach out to healthcare experts, nurses, and caretakers is a feasible solution in the long run. Hence, you can create a platform where users can book appointments and the professionals will visit their home at the desired time.

5.   Ecommerce Marketplace

Due to the spread of coronavirus, it has become really difficult for small and medium brick and mortar stores to find their position in the market. Fortunately, technology has a solution to this problem.

Due to pandemic, customers will prefer to purchase a vast number of things online and this is an excellent opportunity to reach your target audience by establishing your business online.

Based on the Quantum Metric report, online sales have grown 52% from last year, and the total number of online shoppers has risen by 8.8% in the pandemic.

6.   On-Demand Insurance App

People are worried about the COVID-19 outbreak because no vaccine has been discovered until now. Various people are concerned about the lives of their loved ones.

People are buying insurance for the protection of their family members. The insurance industry is famous all across the world, but due to the pandemic, it is getting a lot of attention.

Hence, you can create an on-demand insurance app, where users can get a recommendation from experts, and buy insurance that suits their needs.

7.   Fitness and Wellness App

Offline Gym and various health-related sectors are widely affected due to Covid-19 outburst. A lot of people don’t want to lose their fitness and are looking for a feasible solution online.

You can create a platform where various trainers can connect with all the people who want to achieve their fitness goals from the comfort of their home. All these trainers charge specific fees from people and provide them different workouts, diet plans, and other things to help them maintain their body.

Lastly, online fitness training, yoga, and meditation apps, this industry promises impressive growth in the near future.

8.   Freelancer Marketplace

If you don’t possess enough resources to invest in any of the above ideas, then you can build an online freelance marketplace, where you can connect employers with the employees. Several popular freelance marketplaces that are present in the market now are Upwork, Fiverr, etc.


This is a tough situation for the whole business industry. As of now, there are no proven ways to fight with the disease; the above listed on-demand business ideas can help you to establish a new business and grow yourself as a market leader. If you want to establish any of the above businesses, then you can reach out to an On-Demand App Development Company. They have required professionals, who will first understand your idea and then provide you with the best solution that suits the current market scenario.

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