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Blood Clot Brain Surgery in India – An Urgent Procedure to Save Life

Now getting an affordable blood clot brain surgery in India is very easy. You just don’t need to venture far to know about the blood clot brain surgery cost in India. With Medsurge India, you get mapped up with the leading brain surgery hospitals in India based on your type of treatment you need. Our thorough vetting process and advanced medical tourism services allow you to get affordable medical treatments in India.

The following information in this blog is designed to give you complete knowledge about the blood clot in brain surgery. We have tried to cover up as much as information in this blog, including subdural hematomas, which is the most common type of blood clot. If you want to get a good insight into the points, then continue reading!


Introduction To Blood Clots In Brain

In generic terms, a blood clot in the brain is formed as a result of trauma. Blood clots refer to the blood clump, which changes into a semi-solid form from a liquid state. You would be amazed to know that blood clotting is considered a crucial process as it helps to lose minimal blood during the time of the injury. The risky thing about blood clots is that if it is formed inside your veins, then chances are high that it may produce severe results and will not dissolve on its own.

However, a few clots are movable, and in some instances, they move along your heart and lungs, which results in the prevention of blood flow. This condition is considered dangerous by the specialist, and seriously, it’s a call for an emergency situation. If a person has a blood clot in the brain, the condition in medical terms is called a hematoma. You will be surprised to know that the blood clot in the brain increases with age. Are you wondering why it happens? Well, let us give you a brief idea about it!

The human brain shrinks over time, but the size of the skull remains the same. On the other hand, there are certain factors like excessive intake of alcohol or the consumption of anticoagulant medicines that increase bleeding. Want to know about more factors that enhance your chances to have a blood clot? Factors like pregnancy, smoking, family history, obesity, long travel plans without mindfulness practices. Did we inform you that age is the most prompt factor that is responsible for blood clotting? People who are above 65+ years are prone to have a blood clot.

blood clot brain surgery cost in india

Score More Information On Blood Clot Brain Surgery

Surgery for a blood clot in the brain is considered important. When the presence of subdural hematoma is found in the brain, the result comes as the pressing of sensitive brain tissues, which thus, leads to damage. That’s where the surgery for blood clot helps! We know many of you are wondering what a subdural hematoma is. Fret not, just keep reading! You will find everything interesting in the next paragraphs.

It is a bleeding type which constitutes the blood collection, usually linked with a traumatic injury of the brain. It accumulates amidst the inner layer of arachnoid mater and dura mater of the meninges, the surrounding of the brain. An individual who’s searching for the blood clot brain surgery cost in India can go with two surgical treatment options to remove the blood clot: craniotomy, and burr hole drainage.

Discover What Happens In Burr Hole Drainage Surgical Treatment

In this treatment, the experts and certified neurosurgeons with their team of qualified nurses create one or two small holes in the skull. You must know that the procedure details fluctuate from individual to individual. However, if you want to know how the genetic process goes, then continue reading!

You will be provided with the intravenous (IV) through which you will receive a medicine which will help you to feel sleepy and relaxed during the treatment. After the anesthesia, the surgeon carefully observes the important symptoms like heart rate and blood pressure. The scalp area is also supposed to be trimmed followed by numbing medicine is injected in the scalp.

The neurosurgeon uses a drill to do small one or two holes within the skull to expose the dura. To drain the blood close after surgery, neurosurgeons make an area of inclusion get closed using sutures.

What Happens In Craniotomy Surgery

This surgical removal process involves the removal of the bone part from the skull to expose the brain. To do this, specialized tools are utilized to unfasten the bone section called a bone flap. A section of the brain is removed to have access to remove the blood clot. After the procedure gets completed, the surgeon replaces the bone section and closes up the soft tissue utilizing staples or sutures.

What About The Blood Clot In Brain Surgery Recovery?

Frankly, the recovery of a blood clot in brain surgery depends on the personal health factors like the motive of a blood clot, and if you have complicated health conditions or not! However, if you go with the burr hole drainage surgery, you must know that the minimal time to spend in a hospital as recovery is something between 2-3 days. It’s referred to as immediate surgery where recovery is quick. Later after the surgery, a patient is expected to go to ICU for roughly 2-3 days.

A patient is transferred to the regular floor only if the doctors will certify that the individual is deemed stable. Chances are you may feel tiredness, headache, during the recovery time. To ease with this, your doctors prescribe you the medications to get relieved from the discomfort. You can start your recovery journey at the very comfort of your house after doctor’s advised you to go home. One can soon continue the normal physical activities like running, swimming etc. after total recovery.

On the flip side, if you undergo a craniotomy surgery treatment, your recovery time may take longer compared to burr hole drainage surgical treatment. It is due to the extremely invasive procedure of nature. Patients generally have to spend 3-4 days to many weeks in the hospital before the recovery journey at home. Also, the restriction of certain activities is what surgeons suggest.

How Much An Individual Has To Pay For Blood Clot Brain Surgery Cost In India?

It is expected that the cost of blood clot brain surgery in India is estimated to be around INR 3 Lakh. While on the other hand, the same treatment in the United States cost around INR 18 Lakhs. See the whopping difference.

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