E816 Bluetooth Headset 4.2 Cool Run Neckband Sports Magnetic

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Cool Run Neckband Sports Magnetic

The packaging is simple, eco-friendly cardboard and a form for headphones and the whole set.

Technical characteristics of the E816 model: Bluetooth version 4.2; Power Consumption: 0.1W; Effective range 10 meters; Battery: 90 mAh; Speaker size 10mm; Frequency Range 20Hz-20kHz; Sensitivity from 85dB; A full charge takes about 2 hours; Operating time about 6 hours.

At first sight: We can consider this in Best wireless earbuds under 50$ in 2020. You can buy at this price segment.

Review headphones SPORTS E816Delivery set:

Earphones Power cord for charging. (Caution! Not suitable for data transfer);

Ear pads 3 pairs of different sizes Stylish and comfortable Bluetooth headset! Great build, quality materials. There is no discomfort in the ears, even with prolonged use. Anatomically correctly executed.


I doubt the battery charge, as stated by the manufacturer, it depends on what volume level to operate, on business trips, driving, in standby mode it is not enough for a long time, for a maximum of two days, in a noisy metro at maximum volume after 2 hours the charge remains %, and then rapidly falls.

The convenient feature shows the charge level in the curtain of the smartphone screen.

And also at 10% with an interval of 10 seconds about 5 times it starts to give out in a Chinese female voice, apparently, a warning about the outcome of the charge, and does not stupidly “fall off”.


They hear me satisfactorily, if you hold the microphone with your hand closer to your mouth, the sound reception leaves much to be desired, there is no suppression noise.

Headphones in combination with native ear pads quite isolated from the external background broadcast sound.

The sound is quite satisfactory, the volume is enough with a margin that both on the phone and on the laptop. There is volume control and inclusion, it’s impossible to sort through the playlist, the buttons are hidden, it’s quite difficult to distinguish by touch, at the beginning I had to remember “+” at the top, minus respectively at the bottom, I’m used to it right away, in general I’m sympathetic.

Compared to the previous Qilive Q.1164 headset from Auchan Supermarket in about the same price category, the E816 control unit is truly more practical.

The control unit and the battery are light, respectively, the headphones in the ears sit confidently, do not fall out when turning and tilting!

Pay attention to the performance of the cord element: For the neck area, there is a characteristic bend that prevents twisting and is comfortable along with the head to the ears and does not make it difficult to use it even with a hat in the cold when turning the head, the cord material does not harden, remains the same elastic.

Magnets: Quite attractive, close the entire product around the neck quite reliably. When the magnets are closed, the headset does not automatically turn off this chip on headsets of a higher price category.

To summarize:

Pros: Build quality, practicality, relatively inexpensive.

Cons: Operating time, microphone is rather weak. In general, I am satisfied with the product, I recommend it for active people!

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