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Braun vs Norelco Shaver: Looking at 2 Standard Brands

Braun and Norelco are competitive with each other within the shaver world for years. the 2 firms manufacture finest shavers for all budgets and demands. however, that company makes the best ones.

You’re close to cross-check some Braun and Norelco shaver models during this Braun vs Philips Norelco shaver review. you’ll study the options of those shavers that build them thus distinctive. There are four comparisons between Braun and Norelco shavers of various forms enclosed during this guide. you want to look at however well these will help you with obtaining a Best Electric Shaver 2020 going anytime.

What Makes Braun Shavers Helpful?

Straight Line Shaving

All Braun shavers shave during a line. This motion is that the best method how you’ll be able to shave. Braun razors collect a lot of hair with every pass. you’ll even have a lot of management over your razor. A series of comfy foils can assist you keep a line moving with each stroke. The shaving head can even tilt on the contours of your face, therefore manufacturing a cushy shave anytime.

AutoSense functionality

Braun’s shavers in its Series 5, 7, and nine models go together with the AutoSense system. The technology identifies however thick your hair is as you pass over. The AutoSense system changes the facility supplied to your motor. The motor becomes stronger once the hair is thicker and desires additional power for cutting.

Wet and Dry help

Braun shavers are nice for wet and dry shaving. The company’s shaving tools allow you to shave in any condition. additionally, to shaving dry hair, you’ll be able to additionally use the shaver on wet hair or hair coated with toiletry or gel. Some models can even operate within the shower while not the motor sporting out. you’ll be able to clean off the shaver head below your sink during a couple of minutes further.

Comfortable Shapes

You will find a swish form on any Braun shaver you discover. The German-inspired style focuses on exactness and luxury. an ergonomic line is found in each shaver. some bit points are organized round the body to supply a firm house for holding the shaver. The management button is sometimes ordered out around wherever your thumb would go. Braun’s shavers are appropriate for left and right-handed users alike.

Easy to wash and Charge

You will get a charging station with most Braun razors. The Clean and Charge station is on the market with several of the company’s hottest razors, though you’ll be able to additionally order the merchandise singly. the look uses a base at you’ll be able to place your razor on for a fast charge. you’ll be able to additionally trigger the cleanup operate on the within to clean off the razor head and blades. The station additionally dries the shaving head once the cleanup cycle stops.

Why Are Norelco Shavers Useful?

Flexible Heads

Norelco’s shavers utilize a three-head rotary style. The heads are versatile and might move in multiple directions. the shape provides a more in-depth shave on your neck and jawline. you’ll be able to use a circular motion once shaving with a Norelco model. The 3 heads additionally move severally from each other. a little pivoting post could start up below the rotary head to assist you position the bottom at multiple angles on your face.

Raising Hairs Well

Norelco uses the Multiprocessing feature in its shavers to boost and cut hair. The system’s rotary rings capture hair so moves the hair upward. The cutting part below the ring then trims the hair because it stands up. The hair is carefully picked up so cut in segments. the primary few blades shave the top half, so the previous few track the rest of the hair.

Works in Wet and Dry Spots

You can use a Norelco shaver within the shower if desired. The Aquatec seal provides a coating on the rotary heads to stay water from sinking deep within the shaving unit. you’ll be able to shave with foam or gel too. Wash your rotary heads off below the lavatory sink to stay a clean surface throughout your shave. The another coating stays firm on the razor heads and cannot wear out as you use the shaver daily or 2.

Sharper Edges

The edges within Norelco’s shaver offer you a closer cut anytime. The NanoTech blade system uses little grooves to grip and cut hair. The spots are sharp and supply a firm cut at skin level. The rotary rings make sure that the blades won’t traverse your skin. Even with those rings, the blades still trim your hair as low as you would like while preventing cuts or burns with use.

A Comfortable Hold

Each Norelco shaver uses a curved body. the look is slim at the lowest and expands as you progress nearer to the rotary head. Some support grooves or pads are on the highest half to allow you a safer grip. the facility button is found close to the spot you’d place your thumb on. the look is technology and easy to grip.


By now, you’ve got noticed that Braun and Norelco have completely different approaches to however they handle shaving. The Braun shavers use straight motions whereas Norelco’s use rotary movements. The lifting mechanisms in every unit also are different from each other.

But irrespective of what you decide on, you’ll realize a shaver that matches your care wants. be happy to appear at as several Braun and Norelco shavers as you want. This Braun vs Norelco comparison ought to have hopefully helped you acknowledge what you wish for creating the most out of your shaving work.

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