CamScanner Banned in India: Use These Best Alternative Indian Apps

Recently, due to the increasing tension between India and China, India banned 58 apps with a reason that these apps threaten India’s sovereignty. Along with many other famous apps, CamScanner also gets banned in India. Due to this massive decision taken by the Indian Government, there is a huge demand for Indian document scanner apps. People are actively searching for CamScanner alternative Indian apps for their devices.

So, here we bring an exclusive list of best CamScanner alternatives of 2020.

Best CamScanner Alternatives For iOS and Android Devices

CamScanner was one of the best reputed Chinese apps, But recently, under remove China’s app concept it got banned. So here we share the best CamScanner alternatives.

1. FlashScan

FlashScan is a PDF maker Indian scanner app that scans documents in no time. Here are its features that make it the best CamScanner alternative of an Android device.

  • Right from your old photo albums to the latest article, ID cards, receipts, bills, books, invoices – it scans everything.
  • Get clear and sharp scans in no time with the fastest Indian scanner app for Android.
  • It also offers the OCR, which reads texts from any image. Moreover, it allows you to save it as plain text. You can translate it from English to other languages also.
  • FlashScan gives QR and Barcode scanning features also. You can quickly scan Qr and Barcodes.
  • It offers extraordinary post-scan filters to enhance scanned results.
  • You can anytime share, save, delete, and rename files and folders.
  • Users can sort documents with Sort By feature.
  • It offers a straightforward interface with easy navigation.

Download the FlashScan Indian document scanner app shares all these benefits for free!

2. MasterScan

Next in our list of best CamScanner alternatives is MasterScan. It is a brilliant Indian scanner app. Are you a nationalist? Support Vocal for Local and use this best scanning app for iOS.

  • This newbie Indian document scanner app generates quick and accurate PDFs.
  • You can scan all types of papers with MasterScan,the best iOS alternative of the CamScanner.
  • Users can crop the area that they want to scan.
  • With the crop feature, you can also go for image rotation.
  • OCR identifies text characters into a digital image.
  • Users can share it as Plain Text or in a file.
  • It helps you to translate these texts from English to other languages.
  • keep documents handy with Favorite Documents features.
  • Use a variety of post-scan filters according to your document needs.

MasterScan is the best CamScanner alternative for iOS that lets you transform saved Jpg images to PDF format with a single click.

3. Microsoft Office Lens

Finding a brilliant CamScanner alternative is difficult as it must match all the features offered by CamScanner. And Microsoft Office Lens offers more than that!

  • One of the best CamScanner alternatives that you can go for while searching for a user friendly interface.
  • Works best if you are already using Microsoft’s ecosystem.
  • Lets you scan all types of documents accurately.
  • Make your scanned documents readable with just a single tap.
  • Export these documents directly into Word or Powerpoint programs.
  • It also offers automatic edge detection.
  • A robust OCR is brilliant and you can use it effortlessly.

Users can anytime get accurate annotation with clear and crisp scans.

4. Adobe Scan

We all know Adobe Scan. It is an exclusive scanning app that offers brilliant features. Here are a few of its features that make it the best alternative to CamScanner.

  • The easiest scanning app that offers varied features.
  • You can scan business invoices, files, receipts, ID cards, notes, etc with this app.
  • It offers a robust OCR tool.
  • Get an intuitive cropping feature with Adobe Scan.
  • Removes marks, stains, etc, and gives clear scans.
  • You can anytime highlight key portions of scans and add comments to it.

5. Notebloc

CamScanner was a brilliant app that used to scan all types of documents very precisely. Notebloc is one of the most remarkable feature-packed CamScanner alternatives. Here are its features.

  • A complete document scanner app that scans all types of documents.
  • Offers the easiest scanning process with a single tap.
  • With super automatic edge detection, you get clear scans with no background noise.
  • Users can opt for batch scanning.
  • Saves any file into JPG and PDF formats.


All these CamScanner alternatives are best and easy to use. However, if you want to support the made-in-India movement, you must choose FlashScan, one of the best CamScanner alternatives for iOS devices.

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