Canada immigration trend: Falling or constant?

Is Canada Immigration still a good option?

This year so far has been one helluva ride for everyone (isn’t it!) matlab? From bush fires to protests to celebrity deaths and COVID-19, almost everything has occurred in this year. The whole world has come to a standstill with all the plans be it travel or marriage thrown out the window.

Nowadays, people’s Instagram feeds are filled with throwbacks because obviously due to restrictions in travel plans. But they are just luring pictures and nothing else! However, lately, if you have been considering immigration to Canada, the past six months have either seen you putting a halt in your decision or prepping for the application process in the full-swing (credit goes to the not-so-good condition of your country in dealing with the pandemic). Whatever the situation, Canada is still regarded as a good country for immigrants. Let us look at what they did right that people are still thinking of immigrating to Canada.


Why is Immigrating to Canada a Good option?

  1. When the whole world in the pandemic situation was halted, The Immigration, Refugee Council of Canada (IRCC) was continuously inviting those applicants who had applied in certain categories to become permanent residents. You stand a good chance because the immigration policies aim at bringing in more immigrants to the country to fill the skill shortages and more so, because of the break-in economy.
  2. Due to the pandemic, Canada’s average unemployment rate reached 13.7% as opposed to 5.5%. You can just imagine, how badly the country is stuck with low job opportunities but now Canada is coming back on its feet by adding 953,000 jobs as businesses have reopened and unemployment rates have begun to fall. Well, you must see what are the occupations in-demand for which Canada is willing to call on an urgent basis.
  3. Canada is by far the most friendly and welcoming country even in times of global crisis like COVID-19. The immigrants, who arrived in Canada during the last six months had to follow the 14-day self-isolation protocol. An automated service would call to check on them daily, offer advice and cheer them until they cautiously join their normal routine. On the other hand, the superpower like The United States of America stopped all immigration for the year and also sent many hard-working foreign workers back home who have been giving their heart and soul to this country just like that. (Well, the decision powers of Trump are surely in question! Elections are coming, think wisely Americans!)
  4. Canada is an optimistic country and unlike others who are cribbing about the losses, the economy stalled, we like to always look on the brighter side of life. Surely, the pandemic has forced many businesses to shut or reconsider their models according to the recent situation. No one should be able to lose their job in Canada is the prime focus of the government (Thank God someone is doing accha kaam for the poor peeps!) and that is why they are focusing on building the online world- for creating and building jobs that have been lost.
  5. Pandemic has not stopped the way Canadians live their life (though precautions are added and that’s okay). Canada is still considered one of the safest countries on earth. All the benefits of Canada PR Visa are still valid like public healthcare services and education. You can still visit Niagara Falls and all other attractions, eat at your favourite restaurants. Most importantly, CANADA NEEDS YOU! This is the most beautiful country in the world (like literally, it is!) where all your dreams will get fulfilled. So, when are you applying for the Canada Immigration Process?

How to apply for Canada PR?

See, the final decision of applying or not applying for Canada PR lies in your hands! We can only guide you in deciding the right path for your future. The Maple Country has the easiest ways of applying for permanent residency (no! We don’t mean by cheating! We don’t encourage either!)

If you follow a step-by-step process for Canada PR, complete all the documentation, abide by their rules, meet their eligibility requirements to the tee, half of your work is done. The other half is left which is suggested to be done by the experienced Canada immigration consultant.

Their experience will not only help in improving your chances in the visa application process, but you will get expert advice on other alternatives as well. Why risk your prestigious opportunity by applying in a lagger way? Give the steering wheel to your consultant and see how smoothly you win the race!

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