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Capture Computer Screen with RecordCast Screen Recorder Easily for Beginners

On many occasions, it is essential to record the screen of our equipment. This helps us, for example, teach someone how to configure a program, install a component in the system or solve any problem. RecordCast Screen Recorder is an interesting application that allows us to record the screen for free and very simple. In addition, it ought to be noted that it also offers a video editor for polishing your recorded video on the same website.

RecordCast Screen Recorder, an application to record the screen

PearlMountain has announced the launch of the RecordCast Screen Recorder last year. It’s a pity for me to find it today. This free tool enables you to record your Mac and Windows screens in a simple way. One of the advantages is that it has no download or payment requirements and does not have a watermark, something that would remarkably affect our recordings.

This software is designed for everyone, whatever you use Windows or Mac, or Linux, which are the three most widely used desktop operating systems. It is very practical to carry out tutorials, teach friends or family to install a program, capture a flipped online course, solve a problem or even record moments of a video game.

It should be noted that RecordCast Screen Recorder not only allows you to record the computer screen, but it can also record audio. For this, it makes use of the computer’s microphone, in addition to the webcam if necessary. We can record videos of very good quality without a penny. We can also enable the webcam.

In addition, we can easily trim the video and also upload it to popular platforms like YouTube or Facebook, etc. Download it and share it with other users. If you like, save your record video under your RecordCast account and re-edit it whenever you need.

Do we need to install RecordCastScreen Recorder?

Unlike many other screen recording applications, the first thing we have to do is download the program from its official website. RecordCast is a web-based tool that won’t require you to download a launcher or a program. Everything can be done easily on its official website: It is a speedy process, and it does not have any difficulties.

Recording settings

Once we have opened the website on our browser, a clean web page will appear. There we will have two major buttons of “Start Recording” and “Try Video Editor”. Here we click the red button of “Start Recording” and “Try Video Editor”. Here we click the red button of “Start Recording” to directly start recording, but we can c” to directly start recording. It also allows us to change different parameters. Let’s see them in the following content.

1.Recording mode

It offers three different alternative options that we can configure recording mode. One of the options is to record the computer screen while using the webcam at the same time. The other option is that you can choose just one of them to start your recording.

2.Recording sounds

You are allowed to choose to use the microphone or not. You can also choose to record sounds from your computer system. Record sounds from both the microphone and computer system simultaneously or uses no sounds.

3.Recording area

We can also make a choice about the type of screen. The full screen is marked by default, but we can also choose to select a specific application window or an opening browser tab. Everything is very intuitive and simple.

Record with RecordCastScreen Recorder

After we have it configured to our liking, the recording begins now with the parameters that most interest us. A small miniature panel will automatically open that will appear at the bottom, and we will be able to control the recording, pause it or stop it. You can simply drag and drop the panel to wherever you want.

Download and edit

When we finish recording, and we click Stop sharing, it will automatically generate a video file that will be stored on our computer with a notice. Beyond that, we can also directly edit the video from the RecordCast video editor application.

It offers more than a million animated elements for you to use to decorate your videos. You can also upload other video clips, music, and photos to merge them into a new video. You can also add text, overlay, transition, background to the video and adjust their position, time duration, size, color, etc., easily.

Short conclusion

In short, the RecordCastScreen Recorderis an interesting program with which we can record the computer screen on the computer in a simple and fast way. It has options to modify the recorded video and choose to record the webcam with the screen at the same time if we want it.

Besides, we don’t need to have any skills in technology or design. You don’t need to spend a little money to record our video and no watermark and ads as well.

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